Rome – Last Day: Candles and Apostolic Tombs

Yesterday I met a friend who is beginning a new business for vestments and clerical garb.

This is the sort of thing he is able to produce at a fraction of the cost of Roman shops.

Interesting no?  Wouldn’t it be great to have access to vestments like this without mortgaging the diocese?

Just a sight in the street.   I have a special affection for the old “No Littering” signs.  One young fellow who saw me taking the photo told me that there is a blog for these!  Who knew?

I had appointments in the Vatican City State on Wednesday.  Thus I stopped at my old office.   Here’s a shot of my old window (from the outside obviously).   No, it isn’t a prison cell.  However, people would stop and talk to me through the bars.

Then to the Governatorato.  More about that in my CQ Saturday post.

Since I was passing the Basilica I ducked in through the side door under the monument of Alexander VII to visit the tomb of Sts Simon and Jude, whose feast it was (28 October).

Then back out the same way and off to lunch.

“alla Norcina”!

A trip to Rome is not complete without prayer at the tomb of Rome’s co-patron, St Philip Neri.

In the Chiesa Nuova… what’s wrong with this picture.

Back to the Vatican for an appointment with the Swiss Guard for whom we had the special breastplate made.   I’ll have a separate post on that.  Meanwhile…

A taste …

Finally an interesting photo of yours truly saying the evening Mass not yesterday but the day before.  As it happened the electricity was completely out.

Thanks to for the shot!

So, I am now back in these USA.

I am very grateful to all of you who helped me on this trip.

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