ACTION ITEM: A priest needs a 1962 Missale Romanum

Some years ago, a reader sent me a newly printed full-sized 1962 Missale Romanum. I remember him and his initiative each time I use it.

I received this email from a priest in my native place:

The time has come that I am a man coming to full stature now and ready to buy my very own 1962 Missal…thoughts or leads on where I can get one affordably, beautifully, gloriously, or even gratis-ly? … I always prefer dusting off an unused hidden treasure relegated to extraordinary oblivion before breaking all my sacred moral codes of Scandinavian thrift. Special thanks to the Reverend ___ of ___, MN and the NAC for lending me his for the last three months!

Cutting through the verbiage… this priest needs his own 1962 Missale Romanum and we should make sure he gets one.

I have helped put readers together with priests and seminarians quite a few times to facilitate the acquisition of materiel for the traditional Roman liturgical rites.

Does anyone want to help this priest? We can do something along the lines of what we did for the seminarians and birettas, through Leaflet Missal in St. Paul, handy because that is where the priest in question is.

Maybe people can contribute a part or the whole cost.  I’ll let John work that out.

Drop me a line.

Leaflet’s number is: 651-487-2818

BTW… here’s a shot from my last visit to Leaflet Missal’s church goods zone. That’s the legendary John Hastreiter on the phone in the background.

Also BTW… thanks to the reader who, through Leaflet, gave me the new linen Roman style alb.  A couple of my albs were falling apart.

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  1. oklip955 says:

    Maybe we could start a fund at Loome in Stillwater Mn for him and other priests who need liturgical books.

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