New Christmas music CDs from St. John Cantius

15_12_18_cantiusNow that we are getting toward the end of Advent you are surely starting to think about your Christmas music situation.  I imagine that most of you have let Advent be Advent so that Christmas can Christmasier.

My friends at St. John Cantius are positively with child to have me write about their new Christmas music CDs.  They have a couple discs for Christmas already, and they are very good.  Now they have two more.

I had received their two new discs just as I was to depart on this present trip to NYC (which ends today).  Thus, I was not able to hear them.  I like to hear or see things that people want me to make known to the readership.

In any event, based on past performance, which is sincerely top notch, I’ll just paste here the complicated web of links they sent and you can take your pick.

Good morning Father
Thanks so much for your kindness and consideration.
Safe travels.


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  1. acardnal says:

    Wow! “Te Deum” CD sounds really good! Just ordered one.

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