NYC Last Day and My View For Awhile – Home again, home again…

First, a shout out to my friend Fr. Finigan who, in the hospital, has honored us with a bloggy homage in quoting “my view for awhile”. I hope he exchanges his view soon for a better view of Margate.

Also, I ask your prayers for MaryAnn Hassan, mother of 8, battling cancer for many years now.  I ran into her husband at the rectory before I left for the airport. He told me about their latest challenges… and triumphs.  I am deeply impressed with their faith.  They’ve fought cancer and asked God for just one more year so that all their children could know their mother.

I came to the airport a little early, thinking, “Let’s get out of Manhattan on Friday before Christmas….” I needn’t have been concerned. All the traffic was going to the island, not away, and I suspect that many people were already heading home earlier at the gloaming set in.

The lady who checked me in was happy to be able to say “Merry Christmas” for a change without worrying about being PC.  I then heard a discourse about Donald Trump which I believe my be indicative of his high polling right now.

The lounge is okay and the wifi is not bad.

The lounge was completely under the control of a 7-8 year old whose family is I think Israelis of Russian extraction.  The boy has been shouting across the lounge a kind of minute to minute countdown till when they have to leave.  Papa is doing as much nothing as possible and the sullen teen girl even less.  Mama has shared her phone conversations (Russian I think) with us all.  They are, however, as affectionate with each other as they are oblivious to every one around them.

 Meanwhile, in the last couple days I had errands to run and an appreciation dinner to attend.

A couple shots of Bryant Park, a favorite place of mine at this time of year (or any other, for that matter).

And my favorite NY building.

And this, from the other day, when it was foggy and raining.

A glimpse of Solemn Mass at Holy Innocents, the vibrant traditional oasis.


Last night there was a splendid appreciation dinner for the priests who have helped Holy Innocents during the last year.   The Church hall, which usually isn’t going to win any awards for decor, was well decorated for the event.

I have never in life before seen an O Antiphon cake.

Fast track to today… I went to the opening of the new Star Wars movie with a friend.  It was 3D, which I can take or leave.  The movie… it is about what you might expect: formulaic and rather predictable, but fun nevertheless.

Getting ready for the feature during the seemingly endless commercials.

During the movie people clapped when the recognized characters from the previous episodes.

The good news is: we didn’t die in an opening day terror attack.  We knew where the exits were and we had our backs to a wall.  That’s how I like movies these days.

Meanwhile here is a Charlie Brown poinsettia left for us.  They took most of the food away at 2000h.



In couple hours I’ll be back in Mad City.  I must extract a vestment from my storage space for the Rorate Mass at 0’Dark Thirty tomorrow.

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  1. fishonthehill says:

    too much water with the pointsettia

  2. Sleepyhead says:

    “And my favorite NY building” – umm… I can’t identify the building.

  3. Mike says:

    Had the privilege of being half of a duet (not, of course, counting Father) singing Rorate Mass in darkest Fairfax County, Virginia, this morning. Impressive attendance — couple dozen or so — given the 6:30 hour.

  4. mburduck says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Hope to see you there some day when we are both visiting my old home town.


  5. ChrisRawlings says:

    It is, of course, the Chrysler Building, which is also probably my favorite New York building.

  6. Patti Day says:

    Father, You got a really great shot of the Chrysler Building. I always wanted to go up into the spire.

  7. Traductora says:

    Nice post. Fun and one almost forgets the current stress.

  8. Latinmass1983 says:

    Indeed it is very unusual to have an O Antiphon cake!

    Holy Innocents got it from Café Riviera (830 Manhattan Avenuem Brooklyn, NY 11222). it is a Polish bakery in Greenpoint (tel: # 718-383-8450). They have always been very accomodating with cake-needs of Holy Innocents.

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