ROME: Huge crowd for Family Day

Family Day is underway in Rome. Huge crowds have converged on the Circo Massimo.

Here are some pics from the Great Roman™ Fabrizio.


The traditional parish staffed by the FSSP is represented.


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  1. Robert of Rome says:

    Many Catholic laypeople traveled overnight from around Italy and some from other countries to get to Rome for the rally. Absent were Catholic bishops, but there were some priests. Nevertheless, it was a lay event. The speeches were crisp, the enthusiasm was palpable. The organizers are to be congratulated. Prosit!

  2. Admiral-GER says:

    The nearly unbelievable fact on this is, that it made it as a topic into the german news. It was in the “Tagesschau”, whick usually ignores Demos like the “March of life”.

  3. Admiral-GER says:

    (Of course)

  4. CatholicMD says:

    The Holy Farher’s speech was very moving as well. Oh wait…

  5. Absit invidia says:

    What does SPAGLIATO mean? Is that some gay marriage advocate?

  6. trespinos says:

    “Wrong is wrong even if it were to become law.”

  7. Robert of Rome says:

    Admiral-GER: glad to hear the report that “Tagesschau” in Germany covered the march. That really is something! In the USA, both Fox News Channel and ABC Radio made mention of it, the latter even had a brief interview from the march.

  8. VexillaRegis says:

    Dear Absit,
    sbagliato means “wrong”. It would be the perfect name for a gay marriage advocate indeed ;-).

  9. doncamillo says:

    I went there with my family – I, my wife and four sons – by car: from my home in northern Italy, 650 km and back.
    It really was extraordinarily moving, also my sons were in tears. But the pope didn’t say a single word to us, or about us: not a word yesterday, not a word today at the Angelus. Without his support all main newspapers are already dismissing everything as the show of a bunch of isolated bigots. It’s really disheartening – disheartening.

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