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Do you have some good news for the readership?

For my part, I am 95% over my pulmonary crud.  Hurray!

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  1. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    I have assembled a group of men to begin praying the rosary before Sunday Mass in my parish, with the blessing and encouragement of our pastor.

    God can still not be outdone in generosity.

    My eldest son passed his driver’s test just days before Christmas.

    Family wedding anniversaries: 25 yrs in one generation, 56 yrs in the older generation.

  2. sirmaab says:

    I’ve finally resolved some huge health issues, and will begin pursuing certification in some computer programming skills this Spring. I’m so thankful to God for granting me the perseverance amidst such ailments, and for the strength to now continue into a life more independent, and more present to my family.

  3. Tamara T. says:

    My oldest daughter is pregnant with twins. We already have four beautiful grandchildren here, three is heaven and now two more blessings on the way. God is so good! This was an unexpected answer to so many prayers I’m still giggling over how God took care of so many things in one fell swoop. A few prayers sent her way would be a good thing, she does have high risk pregnancies.

  4. iPadre says:

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider is coming to my parish at the end of June. He will have a talk followed by Solemn Vespers and a Solemn Pontifical Mass. Details in the works.

  5. marnie says:

    Tamara T. Congratulations! You are going to be in high demand in the months and years to come. I had twins 26 years ago and my mother was a Godsend. I don’t know what I would have done without her help.
    Again, congratulations!

  6. acricketchirps says:

    New Baby. No, I mean a real baby. She’s 10 days old today.

  7. Quanah says:

    My exchange student from Switzerland arrived on Saturday.

  8. The Bear has realized everything isn’t part of the ordinary magisterium. Seriously.

  9. S.Armaticus says:

    Good news all around. Austrian Kirchensteuer figures for 2015 are in… and that is just the tip of the iceberg….

  10. frjim4321 says:

    Largest Christmas Collection ever.

    Largest Retirement Fund for Religious Collection ever.

    Biggest Christmas Choir in recent memory.

    Good times with family and friends and cooked a great dinner for 12 on Christmas Eve in the midst of all the masses.

    Some time away in the country between the holidays and last Thursday and Friday.

    All caught up on sleep, have hit the ground running, and ready for a new C/Y.

  11. MWindsor says:

    I know this may sound weird, but my good news is that I’m getting laid off at the end of June. I’ve had 3 months of fretting over whether or not it was going to happen. Now that there’s a date and a severance package, it’s a great relief.

    And…erm…well…if anyone could spare a moment to pray that I might get a new job in July, I’d appreciate it.

  12. @MWindsor, layoffs with severance packages indeed are blessings in disguise. When my father was laid off from his job after 15 years in, his severance came out to 10 months salary. Plus being able to collect unemployment meant our family life was still able to progress while he went to look for another job. I pray for your success in your new career phase!

  13. BillG says:

    At St. Barnabas in O’fallon, MO, we have just celebrated one year of a 10:00am Sunday Traditional Latin Mass. From the pulpit this Sunday, Fr. Hager announced that the Thursday morning Mass will now be a TLM as well. And, after providing instruction and instructional material, he has commenced celebrating his Novus Ordo / Ordinary Form Masses ad orientem.

  14. rtrainque says:

    Starting in Lent, there will be a TLM four days a week (including Sundays) in Burlington! Plus Ember Days and big feasts .

  15. lmgilbert says:

    Well, in early December arrived my diploma from John Paul the Great Catholic University for successfully completing the online Master’s Degree in Biblical Theology. I would strongly recommend this program to any priest who feels that his seminary training in Scripture was not adequate. To get the flavor of it, I would suggest you check out the blog, “The Sacred Page,” by four proteges of Scott Hahn: Brant Pitre, John Bergsma, Michael Barber and John Kincaid. Barber and Kincaid teach at John Paul Catholic. It was a very solid program, both orthodox, traditional and avant garde at the same time. Barber, Kincaid and their associates are all young men, but deeply learned in the Scripture, very articulate, apostolic and loyal to the Magisterium.

  16. Kathleen10 says:

    I am so happy for everyone’s good news! How wonderful, and Deo Gratias!
    Some may recall my mentioning our beautiful daughter-in-law, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in the midst of her first pregnancy. Having just had chemo, she went into labor a bit earlier than planned and just last week delivered a beautiful and perfectly healthy boy. How can we ever thank enough for such a blessing.
    Mom will now have a mastectomy shortly, which may actually be the easier route than the alternatives. She has been through quite a lot, and we are so proud of them all. They persevere in faith. Any prayers for them all, our son included, would be most welcome. It’s a bumpy road. Thank you and God bless.

  17. Kathleen10 says:

    Oops, “thank God”. I am still posting then editing. :(

  18. jameeka says:

    Outstanding, Kathleen10! Deo Gratias, indeed. Congratulations.

  19. andia says:

    I was able to borrow a computer until I can get mine fixed –which resulted in three interviews.
    Two of those involved computer-based testing. :)

    I have the third tomorrow. :)

    After 4 years of little work and even fewer interviews – I am thanking God for all this!

  20. I attended the Midwest Catholic Apologetics Conference in Sterling Heights, Michigan over the weekend and I was able to hear four dynamite speakers. My drive from New York on Friday and my drive home on Sunday were both safe and uneventful despite snow in Buffalo.

  21. pj_houston says:

    Annunciation Catholic Church in downtown Houston, which celebrates the TLM (one of only two parishes that do, in a city of 5-6 million people), was able to raise $1.2 million these past couple of weeks towards their immediate capital campaign goal of $2.0 million! This is the oldest Church in Houston (1869), very beautiful, but in need of new rectory, office and meeting spaces among other things. Our ultimate goal is to raise $4 million. If you’ve ever benefited from this parish, please consider a donation. Thank you!

  22. Charivari Rob says:

    This weekend we acquired and this week have been making progress setting up a “home” computer to replace others which have been marching into obsolescence.

    Participated in an annual program at a local parish recently – among other benefits was the morale-boost of seeing a big increase in attendance over the previous year.

    Facebooking to the old country – lovely chat with a cousin on my paternal grandmother’s side of the family. She just had her first baby – doing well. Also found out that she’s living in my paternal grandfather’s native county. Told her my late father would’ve been thrilled to hear it.

    Recent phone updates from the old country – one of my uncle’s grandsons is expecting his first child. On top of that, my mom and uncle’s aunt (the last of that generation) is doing well. If God sends them all health, by June we will have a new achievement (for our family) – five generations alive at the same time!

  23. Nan says:

    A week ago I went to a lovely Divine Liturgy in celebration of Christmas on the Julian calendar, locally known as “Russian Christmas.” I live within 2 miles of 5 parishes, including the one at which Fr. celebrated Mass on Sunday, where I have gone to Mass exactly once, but regularly go to confession. My young Carmelite friend was pleased with the rosary bracelets and one-decade rosaries that she had asked me to make for her family for Christmas; she expects it to be her last Christmas at home as she ran off to the convent this summer, so wanted something special for them. My gift to her was the gifts for her family, her gift to me is prayers for my intentions. She’s thriving at the convent.

  24. jameeka says:

    I have a job interview which may, or may not, solve some problems. Please pray for the outcome which God wills, but still it’s good news!

  25. Abp Gomez will be offering a pontifical high Mass on the Tuesday after Pentecost. may 31st…bring that I’m on my phone I can’t put the link in…but this has to be good news.

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