Rome – Day 2: DOC and berries

Busy day. Today I got my basic shopping done for some clerical things and a couple books. We met for lunch a priest who teaches in one of the Roman schools.

The owner of the restaurant is from Amatrice.  On the menu it says Spaghetti all’Amatriciana DOC.   It was.

This was as good as any I have had in years.

Then I dashed to the Porta Sant’Anna and the barracks for a meeting with the Commandant of the Pontifical Swiss Guard.

This was a disappointing moment in my favorite bookstore near the Vatican.  But next to Gronchi?  What a sad joke.

I found a new place for trims and fringe and pompoms suitable for liturgical things.  I have to get an order in tomorrow for the “fiocchi” which will go on the dalmatics of the pontifical vestment sets.

I had the parish Mass at St. Trinità in the evening and then it was off to supper.


In Rome the height of strawberry seasons is the Feast of St. Philip Neri!  These “fragoline” were melt in your mouth perfect, dressed with a little lemon.

Tomorrow… my anniversary.  And it looks to be a hectic day.

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  1. Gregg the Obscure says:

    May your anniversary be as sweet as the strawberries, as sustaining as the amatriciana, as beautiful as the fabrics and as edifying as the eternal city herself. Thank you for all you do for these sheep (even the very odd ones) who know you from these pages.

  2. andia says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope it’s filled with everything and everyone you love

  3. Saint110676 says:

    Congratulations and good cheer, will remember your intentions at Mass on Corpus Christi, the day I celebrated my own First Mass, 39 years ago.
    I have to be in Rome for an Economics conference at the Bank of Italy in September. What is the name of the restaurant, above?
    Always great to celebrate these anniversaries, of course, and pray to be like good wine, getting better, or at least more grace-filled, with age.
    Your photos prompt me, some year, just to go to Rome for my annual retreat, and spend each day at a different church to pray for a few hours and attend the liturgy in EF masses. And of course celebrate the EF at St. Mary Major, at the altar where St. Ignatius celebrated his first Mass. And enjoy the good food. Yes, this is a great time, with the fresh strawberries.
    English Dominicans are always at St. Mary Major for confession, by the way, and I have always left after seeing them for the sacrament, very much consoled (as well as forgiven).

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