THEY’RE HERE! Action Item Update – Red Pontifical Vestments Project – PHOTOS


I got them hung up in the sacristy.

Then I switched plans and laid out the dalmatics and chasubles of both the red and purple in drawers which I rearranged.  The copes and other pieces such as the antependium are hanging in bags on proper hangers.

I learned that His Excellency Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, the Extraordinary Ordinary, may also be available to Confirm using the older, traditional rite, at the end of July on the Feast of St. Peter and Paul.  We are also planning on him for the 1 July, Feast of the Most Precious Blood.  So, they are going to be used well!

Please chip in… we need to gather a lot of cash.  It’s tax deductible, too.

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Yesterday I exchanged email with Gammarelli about the GREEN set.  It should be available in 2-3 weeks.  Very exciting.  They will match these.

Still on the slate… sets in white and rose.   I both long for and dread the universal approval of blue!

___ Original Published on: May 12, 2016

I have posted about our Society’s project to have a full Pontifical set of vestments made in glorious red silk damask with bright gold serpentine column trim. I posted photos of the fabric being cut at Gammarelli in Rome and have other shots of the purple set to give you an idea of what we are making.  HERE  I posted photos of the sewing.  HERE.

I now have photos of their ARRIVAL.


In the boxes underneath the Gammarelli box are hangers, sent by the great John of Church Goods in St. Paul at Leaflet Missal – who is handing the Seminarian Biretta Project.

The gloves, pontifical dalmatic and buskins.

I have initially hung them upon my little laundry cart, but they will be placed better.  I also have to go to the store and buy a new tub for all the “parts”, stoles, etc.

We will use these at least for 1 July, the Feast of the Most Precious Blood.  I think I’ll use the the chasuble and cope for Pentecost Sunday.

So… folks… we still have a GREEN set coming, so we need your help!

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In these days of uncertainty, one this is for sure.  Holy Mass needs the very best.  We have here a bishop who is ready to do his part for the revitalization of our Church’s sacred liturgical worship of God according to Pope Benedict’s vision.  Please help!

Also… now that I think of it… we are going to have a traditional Confirmation here pretty soon, perhaps even with some folks from outside the diocese.  Red vestments… good idea… right?

Right now the dollar is still strong against the euro, so we would like to get this going fast.  So, please donate!

Your donations will go to the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and they are tax deductible.

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