VIDEO: Clarity from Card. Burke on marriage, indissolubility and the challenges we face

What a breath of fresh air!

Here is a video of His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke delivering his recent talk to the Rome Life Forum.

His Eminence addressed the problem of referring to the essentials of marriage as “an idea” (i.e., Kasperites).

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More from LifeSite.

The Cardinal refers extensively to Fr. John Hardon. If you haven’t seen it, check out his fine catechism.

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  1. acardnal says:

    I have nothing but praise for Cardinal Burke and I hope he becomes Pope someday.

    I also want to thank you for promoting Fr. John Hardon’s catechism on your sidebar for some time now. It’s outstanding. All human beings should read it; in fact, they should read ALL of his writings!

  2. Joboww says:

    It was a wonderful talk and I have Fr. Hardon’s catechism as well. Just as a sidebar, Dietrich von Hildebrand critiqued Fr. Hardon’s catechism, and was blunt at times.

  3. JARay says:

    His Eminence nailed the issues in the first two minutes of his talk. He was clear and concise. A thing cannot both ‘be’ and ‘not be’ at the same time. Marriage cannot both be indissoluble and commitment to it be ignored, at the same time. One cannot receive absolution and ignore the firm purpose of amendment, at the same time.
    Bravo Cardinal Burke!

  4. SanSan says:

    I just recently added Fr. Hardon’s Catechism to my library. So happy to hear that my taste is right up there with Holy Cdl. Burke.

  5. jameeka says:

    God bless Cardinal Burke, witness-martyr. I consider myself warned.

  6. Auggie says:

    I read that Catechism in the 80s at a state university. My roomates thought I was very strange, and I only got worse (or better). I become Catholic. It’s interesting to note, now, that a few modernistic ideas were in the that book. Goes to show how difficult it is to be completely accurate, even for a truly great man like Fr. John Hardon. Let us strive to be truly accurate.

  7. WmHesch says:

    The future Pope Leo XIV!

  8. Joseph-Mary says:

    All well and good but C. Burke is not the pope and there is a different and confusing message coming from the Vatican and from a higher authority.

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