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Do you have good news to share with the readership?

Let us know.  We need some positive charges.

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  1. Polycarpio says:

    My five year old had an outstanding Sunday. At Mass, she got to see the image of Our Lady of Zopopan, visiting from Guadalajara, Mexico. After church, we went to the Lyon Air Museum in Orange County California and she got to meet WWII Purple Heart medalist, and German POW camp survivor, gunner George Emerson, who was captured after surviving a collision involving his B17 “Flying Fortress” over Germany in Feb. 1945 (he was the sole survivor of his 9 man crew).

  2. My oldest son will be attending a Newman Guide faithful Catholic college this fall studying theology! God is good!

  3. deaconjeff says:

    Met the new Vicar this weekend, looking forward to working with him. Four New Priests for our diocese to be ordained 4 June.

  4. JABV says:

    My first child (4-month-old Elias) is healthy! He was baptized in the EF a week after his nativity (after I walked the good, holy priest through the Latin word-by-word).

    My wife received a promotion, and I may earn one soon as well. We may soon be able to live near our family.

    God has blessed our family beyond what we deserve.

  5. The Mad Sicilian Geek says:

    Tomorrow… May 17, 2016… My beautiful wife and I celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary!

    There isn’t a day that I don’t thank Our Lord for the wonderful blessing of our lives together as husband and wife.

  6. Elizabeth D says:

    In my neighborhood students are moving out because the UW Madison semester ended, and although the best time for dumpster diving for their throw away stuff is in mid-August when the leases end, I am getting some good stuff now. This evening while strolling around the neighborhood after Mass I found: frozen Alaskan Cod from Trader Joe’s (still truly frozen), a can of corn kernels, a can of green beans, Trader Joe’s unopened Kale Chips, unopened package of oatmeal packets, 2 Lindor Balls chocolates that look like they would be fresh, a pretty large amount of Oriental Trading Company type pencils with a message about succeeding in school, some aluminum wire for making sculpting armatures (this is something I can use), a plastic 3 drawer storage unit for organizing stuff.

  7. Facta Non Verba says:

    I’m joyful that the Little Sisters of the Poor had a reasonably good result from SCOTUS today.

  8. andia says:

    One of my priest friends has tasked me with not only creating new coverings for the bottom of the tabernacle, but repairing his vestments and making a new covering for Mary’s altar. I am thrilled beyond words.

  9. xgenerationcatholic says:

    Mom and I are closing on the perfect house next Tuesday. It is near two Catholic churches, one with an adoration chapel and daily mass at a good time for me!

  10. un-ionized says:

    Andia, That is a great thing for a yes from you (I remember the other post). I am waiting for mine, which may not come and that’s okay. But for now I wave a flag which says on it Go, Andia, Go. And the crowd does a “wave,” chanting, Sew, Andia, Sew.

  11. Susan says:

    My son will be ordained June 4! So very grateful for God’s blessings!

  12. My wife is pregnant with our 3rd child (A boy!), and I recently started a new blog to help me on the path to heaven –

  13. andia says:

    Thank you for for that—your yes will come. I have you in prayer.

  14. Ellen says:

    My news is tragic, but I am hopeful something good may come of it. A friend of mine has a sister who was over 6 months pregnant. She found out she had a fast growing melanoma. The doctors (and her partner) pressured her into a late term abortion. The baby was born alive and they killed it. The mother’s outlook is not good at all and she has been rejected by the father of her child. However, when my super pro-choice boss heard about this, she burst into tears and said, “I’m pro-choice, but this is just wrong”! Maybe a seed has been planted and she will change. As for my friend’s sister – may St. Gianna pray for her. I can’t help but think she was pressured and coerced into this.

  15. KAS says:

    My eldest son had lunch with me last week. My oldest daughter and youngest grandchild did their first 5K. My middle daughter finished up kindergarden and I’ve already purchased some first grade curriculum for her. The youngest two are growing and energetic. My older grandchild seems to be outgrowing at least one of her food sensitivities.

    I put together a cubby unit for my office and now have some of the books I needed out of bins out on shelves where I can get to them. I have another to put together and a place for it, and an idea of what could go in a third place to make possible my books, at least the ones on history, to be available. This should go a long way to unsticking my projects.

    Need prayers for my darling son-in-law who may need surgery to stabilize his neck vertibre– he managed to give himself whiplash and a possible shifted disk hitting his head on the trunk lid. He is wonderful but not the healthiest bodied person– so I am glad he isn’t dead, and asking for prayers so he can get healthier–or at least a bit less prone to getting worse. On the up side, my son-in-law is doing well with his studies and has had job offers for when he gets finished with the degree. I pray and ask for prayers, he is hard working, and wants to support his family well. In spite of being in pain he continues to work hard on his studies.

    I actually managed to finish a 10 day devotional to the Holy Spirit and did a consecration to Mary complete with confession and mass the same day! I do lots of these but rarely actually manage to do the whole thing without being forgetful, or not managing to get to confession, or…. it felt wonderful to make my confession, followed by time to pray a rosary, then mass, which being a weekday was not hurried but went really fast, and then I prayed the consecration prayers right after, lit candles for friends who need prayers, and headed home. I really want to do more of the many prayers and devotionals of our Catholic heritage. They are cool!!

    And it looks like by the end of the summer my house will have an entirely new AC system. If all goes well, it might be done sooner. Prayers for hubby who is doing all the work himself. The man is amazing.

  16. GypsyMom says:

    After 14 months of unemployment, over a thousand online applications, and so much prayer, my husband has a job! He’s going to be underpaid to start, but the pay should go up as he proves his abilities. In exchange, the job comes without the horrific business politics he has had to deal with, is low stress, and we don’t have to move. God is good!

  17. Torpedo1 says:

    At Elizabeth D,
    I chuckled all the way through your post. You remind me so much of my husband. When ever people move out of our apartment building, he’s out there, sorting through their stuff. We found a table, a huge, unopened can of oatmeal and an unopened box of gallon sized tea bags last Summer. Oh… the Sweet Tea he made, the wine of the South. As he says often, “Use it, use it, where it out. Make it do, or do without.” My good news is him. Do we have our challenges? You had better believe it, but oh, God is so good. My twin sister, whom I am very close to, moved to Texas last Fall and I miss her very much. My Love has made it easier, just by responding to his vocation as my husband. He takes me to Mass, to confession when I need to go. He encourages me to pray for things I feel are too trivial to ask God for and he’s teaching me prayers in Latin. With everything that is falling apart in our world, I know, for now, I have this little life, a refuge from the ever increasing madness of today, and it is good.

  18. un-ionized says:

    I’ve been walking a lot better lately and yesterday I went up a flight of stairs.

  19. john_6_fan says:

    Months ago, while praying outside the local PP, my wife counseled a young woman to not have an abortion. The local pro-life community banded together to provide material support. My wife even threw her a baby shower a few weeks ago to provide her some of the big ticket items that parents need. The baby was born today and is healthy and happy to be alive! I know Heaven rejoiced when they heard that baby’s first cries! God is good.

  20. Peter Stuart says:

    After a spiritually rotten few weeks, with numerous falls to familiar vices and temptations to new ones, God has seen fit not only to preserve me but to bathe me in His Love and Mercy. I am going to Confession this evening.

  21. Charivari Rob says:

    A rollercoaster few days bad, good, and remains-to-be-seen.

    Mom was at a parish in a nearby town for a funeral on Saturday. Fell on a staircase landing while looking for the restroom, hurt her hip, couldn’t cry out loud enough to be heard, and her cousins in the assembled congregation had already turned their phone ringers off for Mass!

    Fortunately, Pastor came through that stair and found her. Ambulance squad was called. They brought her to one of the better ER & hospitals in the area.

    Examination determined broken femur.

    Surgery to set/reinforce it on Sunday went well. She came out of the anesthetic well enough.

    I’ve got a job with supportive bosses & coworkers (& FMLA backup) that will allow me to take the time I need to deal with her support.

    She’s already been cleared to move to acute rehab* and a bed is available in our first-choice location.

    * The “already” is the “remains to be seen”. I’d love for her to have a couple more days of recuperation/convalescing/whateveryoucallit (it’s painful), but I can see the other side of the coin in not letting her lose ground overall in mobility, etc…. (and this rehab place really knows their business)

  22. Charivari Rob says:

    I forgot to sày that the chaplain (a priest at a nearby Parish) came to annoint her. While he was here, he blessed the Saint Pio statue a visitor had brought. Pio is now supervising from the tray table

  23. Jack in NH says:

    In 2010, after a 40 year absence, I returned to the Church. (That’s not the news).
    My civilly married wife observed some changes and asked “what chu got goin’ on over there?”
    She attended RCIA over the last year, & was brought into the Church at Easter Vigil this year.
    On April 30, we had our civil marriage blessed in the Church in a small ceremony.
    Good news fer sure!


    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  24. Nan says:

    I am the pampered poodle. I impulsively gave notice on my apartment because of the squirrel and the stairs and hadn’t quite figured out where I need to be when a friend invited me to stay with her family for the short term. After several years of dealing with many stressful things, it’s nice to have a structure where I don’t have a lot to think about. She packs my lunch for me, keeping in mind my quirky meatless days. I expect peanut butter because it’s there, but the grocery fairy buys other things a simply because of my meatless days.

    un-ionized, congrats on the stairs!

    Charivari Rob, praise God for your mom’s fall taking place where she was found and padre Pios supervision of her rehab. Sooner is better than later.

  25. andia says:

    un-ionized– congratulations!! That is great news!

  26. Philomena Mary says:

    I attended an excellent panel on religious liberty on the weekend where even secular panelists acknowleged it’s importance.

    I also found a lovely card to send you for your jubilee and am sending it today – here’s hoping postage from Australia to Wisconsin doesn’t take too long!

  27. Tricia says:

    We finally decided to homeschool our children. With God’s grace, we know we can do it. The world is too crazy, and hell can’t have any of my kids.

  28. jaykay says:

    Just back from a successful Chartres pilgrimage. Perfect weather throughout and no sprains or strains. Not having done any serious walking since 2014, when I got an ankle strain, I was worried about whether I’d be able to complete it but, although very weary, I was able to. Deo gratias. And sooo many young people on it! Deo iterum gratias.

  29. Liz says:

    I don’t know the proper way to measure such things, but we have picked around 100 cups of strawberries so far and it appears that we will have much more. I am excited about some of the other fruit too. Gardens go so well with large families. We are so blessed.

  30. RAve says:

    The neo-gothic parish church where I grew up and was married has always been stunning. In the 70’s the pastor covered most of the murals with paisley, velveteen wallpaper, and added a formica fake marble table altar. The traditional marble pillar ambo and altar rails and gate were never removed. In the late 80’s, all of the wallpaper was removed and the murals were restored, and the ambo was put back in use for the readings and the homily. Now in 2016, for the parish’s 100th anniversary, the whole place was given an exceptional interior renovation/restoration/upgrade. It looks as if the parish has gone all out to welcome the One True God to dwell into their midst and to provide inspiration to the people. IMHO this sort of thing deserves all manner of affirmation and congratulations. It would be an excellent place to visit. There is still a table altar, but the original gothic altar and 2 matching side altars are all intact and could be used for a high Mass…

    Enjoy the photos – hard to believe – you will be stunned:

  31. clarinetist04 says:

    Thriving off of the high of completing the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius this evening. Received the closing blessing today and feel so happy to be a Catholic. I can’t wait to keep living the faith! God bless Fr. W. for conducting them – 1 on 1! What a blessing.

  32. andia says:

    We have a parochial Vicar!! For the past four months my parish has had only one priest. Sunday the pastor made the announcement that a new one has been appointed. We have been blessed – I have met this priest a number of times, he is a wonderful confessor and we will all benefit from his joy and dedication.
    Please continue to pray for him –Fr Suresh and for our pastor Fr Steve as tehy enter a new phase of their ministries.

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