27 July: Canon Law Conference – Speculum Iustitiae

The Speculum Iustitiae conference continues today.  You will recognize the title as being that given to Mary in her beautiful litany.

It is encouraging that beautiful churches can be built still today in beautiful places.

As Mass closed yesterday, Cardinal Burke on his way out.  I had been in the confessional during Mass since I generally eschew concelebration.

This morning, having read even more about the murder of the priest in France, I spent some time with St. Miguel Pro, to whom we ought perhaps to turn in these troubling times.

His altar and relic.

Today our talks are by Msgr. Jason Gray on “The Promoter of the Faith in Causes of Canonization: Its History and Implications for the Defender of the Bond” and by Dr. William Daniel: “Analysis of the 2015 Reform of the Marriage Nullity Process”.  Later Card. Burke will speak about “The Defender of the Bond as a Distinct and Necessary Office in the Matrimonial Process”.

Indeed, I hear one canonist here suggest that there should be formed some kind of association of Defenders of the Bond, in the wake of Mitis index.

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  1. VexillaRegis says:

    Hmm, “The gentle index”?

  2. Justalurkingfool says:

    I just sent off a certified mail request, requesting a status update, to the ordinary in the diocese in which I had, with the cooperation of some fine, forthright, patient, priest canon lawyers, initiated an investigation into a “ceremony” that I was told took place, by a trusted source, in which wedding vows were simulated, between my wife and her civil husband, before a Catholic priest who knows me, knows our children, knows there is no annulment, knows that I fought to defend our marriage twice before tribunals, knows that I asked him to intervene on behalf of our marriage(which he declined), and knows that I am faithful to our vows and have been for more than 25 years. He does not know me well, but he has known me for more than 15 years and he has had many opportunities to ask me about things, if he was interested in hearing from “the other side”.
    He is very close to my wife and her lover and treats them, in public, as a couple, even in my presence.

    I am feeling the consequences of my age and of stress, at many levels.

    I am asking for your prayers that this nightmare be brought to an end, reasonably quickly and that all the issues be addressed, directly with my wife and her lover, separately, thus showing respect to our valid marriage and that Papal involvement occurs, again, directly, to facilitate a just, merciful ending of the longstanding adultery and to begin to heal the open wounds from it and to work, to heal our marriage.

    It is time that my knocking at the doors of the Church be acknowledge, respected and addressed, thoroughly, at the Papal level. This marriage and this set of longstanding circumstances, certainly, deserves it. This Pope, truly needs to interact, very personally and very significantly, with a spouse in my position. We both need it, as does my wife and our combined seven children and their children. The Catholic Church, as a whole, needs it.

    Thank you.


  3. ajf1984 says:

    The Shrine church and grounds are indeed beautiful! A wonderful gift of then-Bp. Burke to Wisconsin and the nation.

  4. crych says:

    @VexillaRegis: I assumed that it is a typo for ‘Mitis Iudex’ but it is certainly amusing as it stands.

  5. Rocha90 says:

    I am in Mexico City right now and just returned from the Church of the Holy Family (Bl. Miguel Pro’s parish) on my first visit to see his main relics and museum.

    Ora Pro Nobis!

  6. Christ_opher says:

    Thank you for introducing the word eschew, which is now added to my vocabulary. Interestingly, Our Parish Priest has the same principle about concelebrating mass. Good to see that Cardinal Burke remains strong in the truth and faith.

  7. Mike says:

    Karl, you are in my prayers. May your family truly come to know Our Lord’s grace and mercy and may your situation be speedily and satisfactorily resolved.

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