The Pink Sisters

From KIII TV in Texas. These sisters are a sister order to that of a holy sister with whom I worked in Rome.

In a time when our world is thirsty for hope and peace, one group of local women have agreed to give up their traditional ways of living as an action of love and faith. This sisterhood gave up family ties, material items and many freedoms just to pray specifically for total strangers.

Find out why they have decided to talk to the media for the very first time in a 3News Special Report: Pink Life.

Note the element of Adoration. South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

These sisters spend time in adoration and interceding for us. Who knows how many things have been averted through their prayers.

We need much more of this.

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  1. Rob in Maine says:

    We have cloistered nuns here in Portland, Maine; Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood. They have a chapel and daily Mass.

  2. StWinefride says:

    There is a Traditional Order of Sisters in Schellenberg, Liechtenstein – Schwestern vom Kostbaren Blut (S.PP.S) – Sisters of the Precious Blood – foundress Anna Maria Brunner (1764-1836). Wonderfully peaceful Chapel and large Monastery shop.

    Info, nur auf deutsch:

  3. RichR says:

    A reminder that the allurements of the World are but straw compared to our eternal hope. “Strive to enter the narrow gate.”

  4. majuscule says:

    It’s hard to tell their ages. The aura of peace and contentment makes them seem ageless.

    Prayer does that to you.

  5. Rev. David Bayardo says:

    The reporter doing the story is a devout Catholic young woman as well! She attends my parish and is a wonderful role model to the youth with whom she works. Her dedication to the faith is evident in the story. Fr. Z is correct. We need much more of this!

  6. AnnTherese says:

    Beautiful women, powerful vocation. Do you know why they chose pink for their habits?

  7. Rev. David Bayardo says:

    You’re absolutely correct. I know them personally as I am priest in the diocese of Corpus Christi. They prayed for me daily when I was in seminary. I know they’re a big reason I survived! Believe me; they do not look their age. Prayer does that indeed! Blessings! -Fr. David

  8. Andrew D says:

    Folks, I cannot express how powerful the prayers of the Pink Sisters (Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters) are. My mother had a very dangerous form of cancer but I knew that if I asked the Pink Sisters here in Philadelphia (we’re so lucky to have them in this Archdiocese) to pray for her, she’d be o.k. And you know what, she was o.k. Same for a few other situations in my life. These are holy, holy women – they are everything the LCWR feminists are not. Please pray for them, pray for vocations to their order and financially support them. The LCWR orders will die out, it’s just a matter of time and quite frankly, I say good riddance. Sometimes the weeds have to be pulled so that the little pink flowers can grow and prosper.

  9. un-ionized says:

    AnnTherese, as with vestments, it’s not pink, it’s rose, in honor of the Holy Spirit.

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