For the “Sissy” File: CTU reacts to Trump’s victory

For your “Sissy” File….

The Catholic Theological Union in Chicago has been a theological byword for … awful… for decades.

An alumnus of the CTU sent this:


Talk about Self-Absorbed Promethean Neopelagians!

If you think that his name is familiar, Mark Francis, that you have read about him … HERE…  wasn’t he also the one who belittled Pope Benedict as not being a “trained liturgist”?  HERE


We must reclaim ad orientem worship!

Note that the graphic is very much like a certain political… well… never mind…

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  1. Tony Phillips says:

    A glossary is useful when reading documents like this.

    Hatred. Legitimate, rational disagreement.
    Division. Daring to voice one’s own opinion.

  2. PTK_70 says:

    “…the sacredness of God’s creation.”

    So, a cockroach is sacred? How about a filthy rag?

    Right now I am looking at an impressive stone, with layers of lavender and pewter green-yellow, fetchingly sculpted. It is lovely but is it…sacred??

    When everything is “sacred,” is anything really sacred anymore?

    Among the more needful things today, perhaps, is a recovery of an appreciation of The Fall…

  3. How loving and caring is supporting a candidate who openly advocates for the violation of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th Commandments?

  4. JonPatrick says:

    The candidate won who supports keeping the Hyde amendment and defunding Planned Parenthood. The candidate that lost would have done the opposite. Oh but he said mean stuff about building a wall and not letting terrorists and criminals into the country. In these warped minds that somehow outranks the life issues.

  5. crownvic says:

    ..and then this was on the bulletin board of a “Catholic” college somewhere in the midwest.. perhaps a battleground state:

    (Name Witheld) students, staff and faculty feel free to stop by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion today to be amongst other people of the world who are scared or feeling hopeless. If you are concerned about the lives of people of color, LGBTQ people, Muslims, immigrants, women and poor people you are welcomed. If you are concerned, we don’t care if you identify as Republican, Democrat, third party or non-affiliated. Feel free to cry, laugh, hug with consent, educate yourself, create art, question, be in silence, play video games, or make plans for next steps. If you need your own space to process your sense of safety, or self-worth that is fine too. Our only ask is that we don’t fight hate with hate. We respect that other spaces on campus can be convened to celebrate the results of the election. Next Tuesday, Nov. 15 2-3pm, BART will host our Day of Dialogue in three GSC locations that will focus on how we go about addressing injustice and being in meaningful solidarity as our Jesuit values suggest under our new U.S. president.”

    I may start a new campaign.. “Make our Catholic Colleges Catholic Again!”.

  6. RocketFish says:

    Yeah the safe spaces will be flooded in the coming days. The Liberal media is filled with tear stained articles and my Twitter feed is full of people who say they are scared and don’t feel safe. Welcome to how the rest of us feel with your candidate all but threatens to force the change of religious beliefs.

  7. un-ionized says:

    I’m sorry, I will hug whoever and whenever I want to, even without consent (gasp!).

  8. AnnTherese says:

    At least these disappointed Catholics are turning to God and their faith communities in their despair. Not violence, or claiming “the election was rigged!!”

  9. frjim4321 says:

    Yes, I noticed the style of the graphic as being proof positive of the pathological syncretism that we find in certain circles.

  10. Michael_Thoma says:

    Not a fan of CTUs liberalism. I attended for a bit.. there are some holy men and women. That is a low standard for a theological “Catholic” advanced degree Institute. That said, better that they promote the cry circle over a street march and tire burning.

  11. thomas tucker says:

    I don’t remember all of this need for hugging and healing for those of us who didn’t like Obama’s election. I swear we’ve become a nation of wusses. If we had to fight WWII again, we’d never make it.

  12. un-ionized says:

    thomas, it’s because conservative people are self-reliant by nature. if we had to fight wwii again we would win again.

  13. Akita says:

    Something truly nefarious is afoot in these catholic circles. They are not reality based. They embrace a big, fat, lie. Poor lost sheep.

  14. Jenson71 says:

    Key verbs in the announcement: support, conversation, love, care, and prayer.

    Which one of those are we supposed to be annoyed with?

  15. New Amsterdam says:

    Wow, this priest is really self-absorbed!

  16. Andrew says:

    Cicero: Totius injustitiae nulla capitalior quam eorum, qui, cum maxime fallunt, id agunt, ut viri boni esse videantur.

    (No injustice is more pernicious than hiding the greatest deception under the appearance of doing something good.)

  17. gretta says:

    Ok. So the election is over. I think the one thing that many citizens agree on despite their political affiliation is that this was a nasty, brutish election with bad choices all around. Now that we don’t have the “but Hillary!!!!” motivation to buttress support for Trump, can we look at our now President-elect with a clear gaze and recognize that while for many he was better than the alternative, that in no way makes him less disturbing to a great many people? There are many conservatives of the #nevertrump camp who are as worried about the future as moderates and liberals. And as Catholics, we are banking on him delivering on some promises to us though his lifestyle, track record, and prior held positions have given many people pause on whether he is going to deliver. And looking at Trump’s behavior over the course of years, he does not present as a person who is the most stable, rational, or controlled. It is not “sissy” to be worried about the future of our country over the next four years [You missed the point, perhaps.] – not because of the policies but because of the temperament of the man himself, a temperament that has been on display for all to see and hear. I also don’t think the women who have endured sexual abuse, who look at his past behavior and in him see the face of the man that abused them, are sissies either. Can we now admit, or at least admit the legitimacy of the position, that for many, many people of all political stripes our current situation and our president-elect is scary and a big unknown without being accused of being sissies?

    I’m assuming that as Catholics, and having been encouraged to go to confession as much as we are here, that we all believe that reconciling with God and neighbor are fundamental necessities. And this letter is coming from a place which is training our future priests – those who will be responsible for healing our spiritual hurts and reconciling us to God. It would go a long way in healing divisions if we could support each other and our country in prayer. If seminarians and others want to gather for prayer for healing and unity in a country so profoundly divided, then why are we mocking them? It has been a horrible 18 months, with a profoundly uncertain future ahead of us in the next four years. Gathering together and praying, whether you be conservative, liberal, libertarian, green, EF, OF, is a good start for reconciliation. How about we encourage people to get together and pray for our future as a nation, not make fun of them for doing so?

    [The Red States won and the Tender Snowflakes haven’t experienced the words, “Suck it up, Buttercup!” They won’t hear them at CTU any time soon.]

  18. AvantiBev says:

    Gretta et al,

    My first thought upon reading the CTU message to their worried snowflakes was “I wonder how many prayer and/or action meetings they have held for the wholesale SLAUGHTER of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria, Iraq, Bangladesh, Syria, Lebanon, Indonesia and the caliphate of Islamic State?” Americans of my Mom and Dad’s generation didn’t have Twitter, YouTube and video feeds uploaded by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Mom and Dad could say with some honesty that they were shocked and sickened by what they learned when the camps were liberated. WE have NO such excuse.

    Catholics of Roman, Melkite, and other Rites and many Christian websites have been doing yeoman work in the face of the CTU and other politically correct crowds who would silence them and who are really nothing more than syncretists, i.e., heretics and false shepherds. I have no respect for their currently worried and troubled minds. They have made precious little use of their tiny gray matter over the past 8+ years. [And Thomas Tucker, this IS the real World War I since it is 1400 years old. And with every “refugee” infiltrator admitted we are losing it.]

  19. gretta says:

    Wow. I would imagine that the seminarians who are sent there by their bishop to study might take issue with being called snowflakes. [You actually have a point. The letter said “several people” not several students. It could be that none of the students there simply couldn’t go on with classes or exams, as is the case in other places. It could be that it was simply the faculty, or some of the faculty. But, putting that aside, this remains absurd.] And I’m disturbed by the notion that we are mocking people who are gathering to pray, and mocking a school for the fact that it is calling them to prayer. [You’ll get over it.]

    Say what you will about the school itself. And call them to account for bad formation and teaching. But mocking them for wanting to gather and pray together for unity and healing after an election that has been both brutal and ugly by anyone’s standards? Sorry, folks, I don’t get it. [Ponder it.]

  20. Dad of Six says:

    crownvic: “I may start a new campaign.. “Make our Catholic Colleges Catholic Again!”.”

    I can report that Thomas More College had a spontaneous gathering of students at 0230 on 11/9/2016, with prayers of thanksgiving for the election results.

  21. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

    This is the reaction of katholyk “theologians” to the defeat of an abortion fanatic. This letter is sufficient grounds for the total suppression of the CTU.

  22. Dan says:

    I am grateful for the poster reminder, now that the election is over and evil has taken a kick in the …… lets not forget the drive to turn Holy Mass toward the Lord again.
    Let’s capitalize on momentum gained with this election, now is not the time to let off but to continue pushing for reform of the Liturgy, for the right to Life, for Holy Marriages, and family.

  23. Lucas Whittaker says:

    Reason number 101 to occupy the TLM and the places that promote it.

  24. PTK_70 says:

    @Jensen71…There’s nothing objectionable/offensive/off-putting about those verbs (and nouns). Without pretending to speak for anyone else here, I find that the most eyebrow-contorting part of the announcement is the wording of the CTU vision statement. How is the phrase “the sacredness of God’s creation” to be understood? Is the CTU proposing that in the era of the Church there is no more distinction between sacred and profane, or if you prefer, between sacred and quotidian?

    We’re all pilgrims, right? If you’ve got some insight into this, I’d be glad to read it….

  25. Supertradmum says:

    I am surrounded by these types…..note on the map the little blue splodge where the Mississippi River turns east and west–part of my diocese…an area of long time Neo-Pelagians egotists…sad.

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