The Lost Beatitude

Today, I am determined to be upbeat.

I have in mind that beatitude that didn’t get into the Gospel, but which has been handed down through tradition.

Beati qui non exspectant, quia non disappointabuntur.

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  1. WVC says:

    Way back in 10th grade British Lit I took to heart A.E. Housman’s “Terence this is stupid stuff.” It has served me very well over the years, and perhaps more so now than ever. Or, as the another great poet put it, “Que Sera, Sera”

  2. benedetta says:

    That’s pretty good, Father. For my part I have come for many years to expect nothing but the oppressive regime. Once accepted as parameters, it is easier to get on with what still may be possible, with joy and verve.

  3. anilwang says:

    Definitely true.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that pessimists an cynics tend to have much unusually expectations on how things should be, so they are almost always disappointed and each passing experience reconfirms their pessimism. I’ve also noticed that most optimists either have low expectations or even don’t think about expectations, so when things go their way they are surprised and confirmed that life is good. And when things don’t go right, well they weren’t expecting them to go right in the first place so they just roll up their sleeves and deal with it.

  4. FrAnt says:

    Whatever the outcome of the election , I will thank the Lord. Whatever the out of the election, I will do greater penance for my sin and those of our country.

  5. ghp95134 says:

    I thought the Lost Beatitude was:

    “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape.”

    I don’t take credit for that, mind; I heard it in a documentary.

  6. KateD says:

    Whatever the outcome today, tomorrow when we wake up, Jesus Christ will still be seated on His throne…

    and over the next several months and years….

    and for all eternity.

    How can we be anything but joyful?

    This election is a huge thing for our country, and for our world and for individual persons in our time….but in the greater scheme of things, it’s a small thing.

  7. Lucas Whittaker says:

    I will admit that my own view could be darker than hopeful, likely shaded by my particular circumstances. I have been thinking more about the Latin from Psalm 23, “Nam etsi ambulavero in medio umbrae mortis, non timebo mala, quoniam tu mecum es. Virga tua, et baculus tuus, ipsa me consolata sunt.” …I will check myself and try to find a brighter outlook…

  8. Lucas Whittaker says:

    KateD: You bring up a great point. It reminds me of the late Father Dubay’s use of the word “dinky”, meaning miniscule when seen in reference to “the big picture”.

    I have been searching the Psalms today. They offer tremendous comfort. I was reviewing a verse from 118 that I used to ponder more often: “Castigans castigavit me Dominus, et morti non tradidit me” [(v. 18) Though the Lord has chastised me He has not delivered me up to death]. It reminds me of something that John Henry Newman wrote, basically: I am still alive, I still have a purpose … God did not make me for nothing. Indeed, he gives us the gifts that we need to become saints and aide in the coming of his kingdom during these very times that we face and live in.

  9. kiwiinamerica says:

    Francis just found a whole lot of new beatitudes.

  10. LarryW2LJ says:

    The Lost Beatitude was found next to the 11th Commandment; “Thou shalt not sweat it.”

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