Kelly Ann Conway, The March For Life, SCOTUS, Roe v Wade

This is interesting.


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  1. Charles E Flynn says:

    From Kellyanne Conway: Feminism’s Nightmare:

    New from RTV

    As President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Mrs. Kellyanne Conway helped pull off one of the most stunning political victories in U.S. history. So, why do the feminists hate her? Why isn’t she being praised as a feminist icon by CNN or the gals from The View? Could it be because Kellyanne Conway is outspokenly pro-life?

    And here’s another hopeful sign: President Donald Trump’s top advisor will be an Irish-American, happily married Catholic mother of four who makes breakfast every morning for her kids and then goes to Mass. She’s a daily communicant!

    And there’s more: Kellyanne Conway reportedly took Donald Trump to meet Father George Rutler, the Anglican convert priest and pastor of the Church of St. Michael in Mahattan, who blessed the future president just days before his election.

  2. Mike says:

    Could Mrs. Conway and Mr. Trump be the means by which the Social Reign of Christ the King is actuated in our land? It’s worth praying for.

  3. Glennonite says:

    After eight years of hot, stagnant, doldrums, I’m really beginning to sense a strong change of wind filling our sails. Finally!

  4. hwriggles4 says:

    Mr. Flynn:

    Good point and good post.

    I remember the NAACP failed to mention the victories of Mia Love and Tim Scott during the 2014 congressional races in Utah and South Carolina. Why was this? Because both are Republicans.

  5. guans says:

    … and this all started in “The Year of Mercy”!

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  7. majuscule says:

    I’m so glad to see Kellyanne in the spotlight. As a female and mother and grandmother I find her to be a woman I can admire, rather than cringe at the sight of.

    The Walk for Life West Coast is this weekend. It’s always uplifting to attend but, as with the March for Life in DC, it’s under reported.

    The interesting thing this year is that only a few hours after the Walk for Life leaves Civic Center Plaza to walk down Market St. to Justin Herman Plaza, the anti-Trump Women’s March (“we gather to find healing and strength through tolerance, civility, and compassion”) will also gather at Civic Center Plaza and then “march” by candle light down Market St. to Justin Herman Plaza.

    I can see all sorts of mixed up media reporting on these gatherings. The Walk for Life attracts an orderly group of families with age groups ranging from infants to seniors (with walkers and in wheelchairs).

    What will the Women’s March bring out? I’m sure we will see since they will likely get the majrity of the coverage.

  8. Charivari Rob says:

    What paper is this from, please?

  9. Makemeaspark says:

    This is completely awesome!

  10. Charles E Flynn says:

    @Charivari Rob,

    McGurn, William. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, N.Y. [New York, N.Y] 17 Jan 2017: A.17.

  11. juergensen says:

    Ironic that the first sitting White House official in history to address the March for Life in person will come from the Trump White House. Trump, the man “conservatives” told us wasn’t conservative.

  12. benedetta says:

    This is deeply consoling to me personally, and I think an overall wonderfully hopeful development for our nation. She is in my own prayers.

  13. Legisperitus says:

    Most welcome development.

    Now, if someone will only tell this columnist that “bona fides” is singular…

  14. Benedict Joseph says:

    Good news. Good news.
    May it find its parallel in the Church very soon.

  15. TimG says:

    Great news! Need to spread it far and wide so that MSM can’t ignore it.
    Here’s a link from Wash Times on 1/10…

  16. Chris Rawlings says:

    Is that a serious question, Mike?

  17. Mike says:

    How hard are you praying for it, Chris Rawlings? If both Mrs. Conway and Fr. Rutler have the President’s ear, what’s to prevent the Holy Ghost from using them as conduits for conversion?

  18. Fr. Kelly says:

    This news is a shot in the arm to those of us who have marched in DC each year since 1974, when Nellie Gray organized the First March for Life.

    If Kelly Ann will be on the stage, this is a first. Until Bill Clinton, every sitting president addressed us either by live telephone feed or at least by a recording. It will be nice to be acknowledged again, even if we are a week late this year.

    I do not understand why the March organizers postponed the March a week this year. This move reeks of the spineless attitude shown by so many in the establishment. It is particularly galling that by postponing it they have given the Anti Life crowd such a prominent platform by allowing them to be the first March in DC after President Trump’s inauguration.

    The reason we march in January is to be a forceful presence protesting the Supreme Court’s unjust legislation in Roe v. Wade. By not claiming the date, we have allowed its supporters to celebrate the murder of all these millions of children on the anniversary of Roe
    v. Wade. The saintly (and savvy) Nellie Gray would never have allowed this to happen. While she did allow the March to be moved from a Saturday or Sunday to the Friday or Monday so that we could lobby our representatives, she never let it be postponed from the 22nd until the 27th

    Thank you Mrs. Conway! And thank you Mr. Trump!

  19. frjim4321 says:

    It’s so hard to know if this event does anything to effect the number of abortions.

  20. This is so very encouraging. We are getting a respite from the onslaught of the many looming evils. Let’s not blow this too. How many times have we been sent help that we have not supported or responded to? The future good changes we could be benefiting from could be, well, yuuuge.

    Let’s be worthy as possible of the chance we are getting. Do not let up on prayer, penance, and good works. Pray too for the safety and strength of those doing good, and the removal of the permissions and power of evil.

    When God continues to be ignored, He eventually lets evil have its way.

  21. pjthom81 says:

    Now wouldn’t it be beautiful if she announces the next SCOTUS nominee while speaking at the march?

  22. jaykay says:

    “It’s so hard to know if this event does anything to effect the number of abortions.”

    It’s certainly hard to know that. How can one know the knock-on effect of giving public witness? In this case, of course, joyful and loving witness for life. And very massive witness, at that. But since abortion is usually a very private matter, then yes, it’s very hard to quantify the effect. Nevertheless, one has to get out there and do it, in faith, and love.

    Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you meant?

  23. Andreas says:

    Frjim4321 wrote, “It’s so hard to know if this event does anything to effect the number of abortions.” Many years ago, my college choir was scheduled to perform a concert at a university in London. As the university failed to advertise the concert, there were far fewer listeners in the audience than there were singers performing. Noting our great disappointment, our very wise Director said just the right thing: “If your making music moves just one person in the audience, then it was worth all of the time and effort”. I would reply to you by noting that if this event saves but one unborn baby’s life, then it would be worth all of the time and effort.

  24. acardnal says:

    frjim wrote, “It’s so hard to know if this event does anything to effect the number of abortions.”

    Protest keeps the subject is the public view and mind . . . although it’s difficult with a secular, liberal press ignoring it. Kelly Ann Conway’s presence may bring national press attention to the matter.

  25. jaykay says:

    “Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you meant?”

    Then again, probably not.

  26. Charivari Rob says:

    Thank you, Charles E. Flynn

  27. Fr. Kelly says:

    frjim4321 says:
    It’s so hard to know if this event does anything to effect the number of abortions.

    Not hard at all if you attend the March year after year and hear the testimony of those who have been converted to the Pro Life Cause – or those who are alive today because of our witness.

    We are all called to defend the unborn in any way we can. This march has been a consistent witness and a chance to stand up and be counted.

  28. Chris Rawlings says:

    William McGurn has been making a Catholic case for Trump for many months. That he would make a bigger deal out of Conway’s presence at the March for Life than it probably deserves is unsurprising. Trump is not only not a significant figure in the pro life movement, but I suspect he’ll end up causing more harm than good to the moral credibility of pro lifers into the future.

  29. Grumpy Beggar says:

    acardnal says:

    “frjim wrote, ‘It’s so hard to know if this event does anything to effect the number of abortions.’
    Protest keeps the subject is the public view and mind . . . although it’s difficult with a secular, liberal press ignoring it. Kelly Ann Conway’s presence may bring national press attention to the matter.”

    Up here north of the 49th, freedom of speech and freedom of expression are already stifled when it comes to revealing abortion for what it really is. One sly way of stifling freedom of speech against abortion, is to conduct a poll about whether we should re-open the debate on abortion in Canada.” While we note that only 1,009 adults were consulted in the actual poll , I think it’s more important to back up a little and initially note the inference of the wording. The article linked was entitled Canadians don’t want abortion debate reignited, poll finds , while politicians quote the poll results to confirm that, “Canadians don’t want to re-open the debate on abortion.”

    Well, who said it was ever closed ? Where’s the official declaration that ever said it was closed ?

    Abortion is a lie , and all abortion legislation is built on lies.

    The demonstrations are necessary measures – efforts to preserve freedom of speech and freedom of expression. But it is the father of lies who runs the infernal show on abortion. . . so if all we do is protest . . . any effect we’re aiming for will be minimal. Prayer is the main weapon, and the Rosary is the main prayer against abortion.

    I believe that if we were to conduct our own, “poll” , we would discover that most of the caring souls who participate in these Marches for Life, are already prayerful people.

  30. hwriggles4 says:

    Fellow readers:

    We need to continue to encourage our clergy (both priests and deacons) to bring up the sanctity of life from the pulpit. Sadly, I have heard in some diaconate programs (no, not all) that this topic, like the perils of ABC, is verboten. I always thank a priest or deacon (our newer parochial vicar brought this up on the 3rd Sunday of advent) when upholding the sanctity of life is discussed, particularly in the Ordinary Formation.

    As a Catholic man who grew up in the 70s and 80s, our generation was given too much of the social justice agenda, or the God loves us all, or life is all peaches and cream. It’s really a no brainer why those who graduated from high school in 1987 also graduated from the Catholic Church.

    As far as abortion, I only recall Operation Rescue from news media briefs in those days, where big city newspapers and big city news stations portrayed them as “cooks”.

    Here’s another observation: Last weekend, the Dallas March for Life was held (which I attended, and have every year since 2008), and I saw no secular television stations covering the March for Life.

  31. AvantiBev says:

    We need to encourage our parents to speak out and live out the sanctity of sex – within the sacrament of matrimony. Abortions are overwhelming because of sins against chastity. I would direct your attention to The Ruth Institute and its founder Jennifer Roback Morse. Opposition to the entire poisoned fruit of the Sex Revolution and all its victims is necessary. Think Big Picture. It cannot be just an annual march, no matter how well organized and attended, but also a DAILY parent to child struggle against the devil’s lies.

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