NEW Fr. Z Swag Available: Pope Clement XIV Ganganelli (1769-1774)

Slowly but surely I’d like to build up more pontifical coffee mugs.  I have some selections with Pius XII, Leo XIII (that’s a good one), etc.

Today, I make available also

Clement_XVI_Mug_01 Clement_XVI_Mug_02

For all the selections click


Enjoy in your new Clement XVI mug some


When you are irked and frustrated with attacks on clarity and fidelity to Catholic doctrine, why not make yourself an invigorating Z-mug filled with freshly brewed coffee from the wonderful Carmelites in Wyoming?   Look at it as a kind of aroma therapy, without all the effeminate new-age garbage.

Don’t suppress your urge for that great mug of Mystic Monk Coffee!

It’s swell!

And you can quaff your slightly chilled Norcia Monks Birra Nursia from this excellent stein:

Do you want to start conversations at the gym?

Know any super liberal Jesuits?  Perhaps they’d like one.

UPDATE 24 Feb:

Fr. Hunwicke over at his splendid blog Mutual Enrichment has noticed my humble effort to bring Clement XIV, of blessed memory, back into the public eye.  HERE

UPDATE 27 Feb:

Fr. H had more to say:

(a) Have you got your spectacular Clement XIV (Papa Ganganelli) mug from Fr Zed (see his blog)? Every Catholic of real ‘Discernment’ should have one! Offering guests their coffee in a Clement XIV mug will become a sort of secret ‘quasi-masonic’ way of Discerning who is ‘sound’. (Another method, if you still attend the Novus Ordo, would be to murmur ‘Ganganelli’ as you exchange the Grope of Peace.)

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  1. L. says:

    Fr. Z, are you sure that the recent declarations by Vatican officials that they will more zealously guard the image of the papacy and the symbols related to it are not impelled in whole or in part to Z swag?

    [I am pretty sure it has more to do with recent posters. However, it has much more to do with knock-off souvenirs, etc.]

  2. APX says:

    I do think a coffee mug in the Pope Clement XIII is in order, since if it wasn’t for him “baptizing Satan’s drink” of the infidels, we wouldn’t have coffee in the western world.

  3. Athelstan says:

    The perfect gift for the Jesuit in your (Twitter) life.

  4. Father Bartoloma says:

    Perfect for the champagne I keep on hand.

  5. @Athelstan: Ha! LOL

    @Father Z: I love the papal mugs. May I ask you to consider a Pope Saint Gregory I (Great)?

  6. Mariana2 says:


  7. Melissa Johnson says:

    My husband and I drink a ton of coffee. I’ll have to check out the monks.

    As to the other thing, being irked and troubled by threats to the Faith–and some things have definitely been irking me of late–and even ‘irk’ isn’t quite enough to describe the feeling of alarm and desolation at times, mostly when dealing with parishioners with wacky ideas–I was thinking, Father, that compared to thirty years ago, the fact that we even have forums like this, or faithful priests, or hope of any kind that Catholicism isn’t in its final bland decline, I have to say we’re not done, not by a long stretch. For Wednesday’s mass for the Chair of St. Peter, one of the things my boss said in his homily was that Christ promised to never desert us and that we have that going for us, and never to lose hope. So I won’t, even though at times it does feel rather like the lead-up to the Last Battle in Narnia.

    I’d really like to go to this: and see Cardinal Burke. The symposium is called “The Voice of the Bridegroom” and will focus on Gregorian Chant.

    Finally, we’re having an FSSP priest give a Lenten mission in our parish: three Latin masses and three lectures, accompanied by confession, rosary and benediction. I’m starting to think we’re not in the Great Wasteland of the West, but I’m sure something will come along to shock me out of my pleasant reverie, like a plea for liturgical dancing or some sort of non-denominational ‘healing’ centering prayer.

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