Fulton Sheen on “False Compassion”

A cup of really strong Mystic Monk Coffee can help you to wake up.   This video could have the same effect on liberals (to whom I also recommend Mystic Monk Coffee – eventually – when they convert and are worthy).

He reallay starts revving up at about 7:50.

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  1. Semper Gumby says:

    Thanks Fr. Z, Fulton Sheen fan here. Haven’t watched the video yet, but if I could, an announcement first.

    Someone has finally done it and done it well. A young man has posted his “Mystic Monk Coffee Song” on YouTube. There is a 2 minute and 4 minute version- which adds bloopers and apparently the beginning of a work in progress called “Pizza Angel.” The 2 minute version is a country song. Sample:

    “It may be Cowboy Blend or maybe Pumpkin Spice; but whatever you drink you’re gonna’ wanna’ drink it twice.”

    This aspiring minstrel worked in the word “Carmelites” into his lyrics.

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