FYI I saw that there is a sale on Amazon Kindles going on right now.  If you don’t have one… what are you thinking?



I use my Kindle a great deal, both at home and when I travel. I use an older generation Kindle even to read to me (text to speech). And, be reading Kindle books, there aren’t a bunch of books around which I have to store, and dust, or find new homes for. That’s a big deal, given the number of books I have.


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  1. dahveed says:

    Hi Father,
    I love my Kindle, too. May I add a further usefulness for them? Older, orthodox Catholic literature exists in abundance at places like, in Kindle format. I use a great open source program called Calibre or Send To Kindle to add the side-loaded ones like those.

  2. abasham says:

    Do you have an Audible account? I used to listen to Catholic history books on long runs with audible. Pretty good library, very affordable.

    [I do!]

  3. atmoe says:

    Does anyone be have recommendations on a good Bible for Kindle? A version where the formatting/layout is still good and where the table of contents is well put together for easy navigation would be nice.

  4. un-ionized says:

    armoe, I have the Ignatius bible and it works pretty well.

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