REVIEW: New altar cards from the Fraternity of St. Peter

I received some nice new altar cards for the Traditional Mass of the Roman Rite from the Fraternity of St. Peter’s publications service, Fraternity Publications.

They retail for $24.95 but they are on sale until 31 March for $19.95.

At this price, they are a great entry level set of cards.  They would be great for a practice set for seminarians.  Gift idea!

Fathers, you could get sets for your side altars.  Think about it.

They are beautifully made and sturdy.  They are on a fairly hard and stiff panel, so they need not be framed.

For some size perspective.

17_03_02_cards_01 17_03_02_cards_02 17_03_02_cards_03 17_03_02_cards_04 17_03_02_cards_05

I think that were I going to travel with them, I would make a slip cover of some kind to keep the corners from getting bent or dinged up.



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  1. majuscule says:

    The altar cards look really nice! I’m thinking of ordering a set “just in case” I need a gift for a newly ordained priest. Or a priest who needs a little encouragement!

    I’d like to add a plug for Fraternity Publications. I have found their price and quick service to be the best for ordering the TLM booklet missals when you buy in bulk (or even just ten). I am truly thankful to God that we needed to purchase more!

  2. Are the backs of the altar cards self-standing(or have some mechanism to achieve this) or would one have to find something to prop them up against to use them.

    [No. They would have to be propped. That’s was a good question.]

  3. frbrendanmcgrath says:

    They look like a nice set for the price. The Placeat seems rather poorly placed though. I always find it works best in the upper right-hand corner, even though most cards put it in the lower corner. These cards seem to put it directly behind the veiled chalice.

    [The Placeat, yes. Although we should know that prayer by heart, many card sets placed it a bit awkwardly. However, it is not a horrid violation of a rule to shift the card slightly if necessary.]

  4. majuscule says:

    These are some stands that we use for our altar cards. —>. HERE (Tried to use Father’s Amazon link.) They are not very expensive and don’t take up a lot of room.

    Our altar cards are in frames but I think these stands would work great for a thinner but rigid item like these cards. They are unobtrusive.

  5. Dutchman says:

    I see I am not the only one who prefers the traditional Kindle Keyboard to the newer Paperwhite. I have both and prefer reading the old one, especially with the lighted cover you have at night.

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