European Parliament now has … *gasp*… a TLM!

I picked this up at Agenda Europe.

NEW: Traditional Latin Mass at the European Parliament

Thanks to the initiative of a Polish MEP, former Sejm Marshal Marek Jurek, there is now a Catholic Mass in the so-called “extraordinary rite” (i.e. the rite that was in common use prior to 1969, and which was defined as the universally valid rite of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius V following the Council of Trent) on the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels. A first such celebration took place on 4 May, and a second is scheduled this week on Thursday 18th May at 8 a.m. in the “meditation room” ASP 00H152 (located behind the desk of the Office of Tourism, on the ground floor).

This is truly important. The Christian faith is at the center of European culture and identity, [NB] and the traditional mass is the quintessential expression of Christian faith. [Hence, of Europe!] With these celebrations, if they assume a regular character, the European Parliament will at long last be re-establishing a linkage to Europe’s true fundaments.

We will not repeat these announcements here on a regular basis, but trust that interested readers will manage to inform themselves, including by directly making contact with the organizers.

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  1. JonathanTX says:

    “The Christian faith is at the center of European culture and identity, and the traditional mass is the quintessential expression of Christian faith.”

    This sentence needs to be repeated as often as possible.

    I’m curious to hear how many people show up for Mass vs how many people show up to Friday prayers the next day.

  2. Vincent says:

    Maybe they should have a regular exorcism too… Funny how they don’t have a chapel; they have a meditation room.

    Ah well, a Mass does good wherever it is!

  3. APX says:

    My “Catholic” university didn’t even have a chapel. Our Lord was reserved in a psychedelic wooden box they called the Tabernacle in the “Meditation Room”. It was buried behind several palm trees.

  4. Brusselscalling says:

    This is indeed an excellent initiative, but it is not new. Mass in the extraordinary form has been being said at the European Parliament regularly for some time now, not just since 4 May. Mass will, as the article states, be said there tomorrow morning and I hope very much to attend. The room is called a meditation room but it is to all intents and purposes a chapel, with a small sacristy behind. The altar is easily prepared for Mass in the extraordinary form and attendance is steady. As I’m sure you’re all aware, Catholic life in Belgium is not always easy so your prayers for the ongoing success of this and the plethora of other traditional initiatives would be much appreciated.

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