View From The Venomous Fainting Couch

When liberals run out of ideas, they resort to personal attacks. Such is the case of Michael Sean Winters of the Fishwrap. We’ve seen his venom before. HERE and, especially, HERE

Winters doesn’t like the K of C’s politics, and so he attacks their finances.

Winters doesn’t like Fr. Sirico’s economics, and so he attacks him through his past life.

Winters doesn’t like Callista Gingrich, so he brings up her “platinum” hair.

Winters doesn’t like Michael Voris’s ecclesiology, and so he also attacks him with one hyperbolic ad hominem after another.

I think Winters attacks Voris so viciously because Voris had a past with same-sex experiences but now he is living chastely and openly states that homosexual acts are sinful.

To quote MSW’s vicious attack on Voris and Church Militant:

Attack, attack, attack. They invert Lincoln’s call: “With malice toward none, with charity for all.” They dish out malice to all and offer charity to none.

This epitomizes Winters.

This is cheap.

This is vulgar.

Stop it.

The moderation queue is ON.

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    Fr. Z, asking a liberal to ‘fight’ fair is like asking lucifer to stop trying to over throw God. Theoretically ANYTHING is possible, but obscenely IMPROBABLE!

  2. av8er says:

    Prelates should not legitimize this group by granting them interviews.

    Also, they should be constantly reminded that two different bishops had asked them to drop the word Catholic from their name. Their name is an act of disobedience.

  3. QuietContemplative says:

    He’s opposed to how political KoC is and how conservative they are… yet I guarantee, if it was a “progressive” group doing the same thing, he’d be painting their names in the stars. What a hack.

  4. benedetta says:

    I dare not comment to question MSW’s abhorrent misogyny lest he sic on me flunky goon leftovers harasser faux protesters from his days as an Obama campaign operative. That’s the kind of chilling effect such pathetic “tactics” have on diversity and free speech. Oh well. There’s always praying the rosary.

  5. liebemama says:

    I have to ask myself what makes a person like MSW, who was probably catholic since infancy, so hateful to everything and everyone truly Catholic?

  6. CanukFrank says:

    Lol! Over on Fr. James Martin’s Facebook page he include the same NCR article. The usual whiny responses about how ‘conservative’ the KofC was but there was a gratifying and vigorous defense and push-back from KofC members.

  7. DanielG says:

    Fourth Degree Knight here. MSW (I won’t spell out his name) is a small man making small arguments. Man up, M, become a Knight! Or do you not have it in you?

  8. hwriggles4 says:

    Active Third Degree Knight here. The article about the KofC was linked to Rocco Palmo’s twitter feed, so I read it yesterday at lunchtime, and the article did take “jabs” and “attacks” on salaries, etc., which are quite small when compared with other organizations, and remember that the cost of living in Connecticut is much higher than where I live in the South.

    One thing the Fishwrap article did say was the Supreme Knight declined to be interviewed – Thank you Carl Anderson. IMHO, Carl Anderson did the right thing.

    I think now-bishop Johnston (like his predecessor Finn) acknowledges that the Fishwrap is not a Catholic publication.

  9. surritter says:

    An interesting side note is that two of the groups spewed upon by MSW have themselves been at odds on occasion. Mr. Voris (and Church Militant) have criticized the KofC in the past (though I would say not severely).
    Examples at:

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