And now for something completely different….

Each year I try to watch a lot of the Tour de France and some of Wimbledon.

At the risk of making some Jesuits jealous, I have to post this.


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  1. Julia_Augusta says:

    The Tour went past Notre Dames des Cyclistes a few days ago. Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

    On 22 August 1958, Father Joseph Massie, pastor of Créon-d’Armagnac, Mauvezin-d’Armagnac and Lagrange, was inspired by the chapel of Madonna del Ghisallo in Italy to make a similar chapel for cyclists. On 18 May 1959, Pope John XXIII agreed to make the old chapel a National Sanctuary of Cycling and Cyclists under the protection of the Virgin: Our Lady of cyclists (Notre-Dame des cyclistes).

  2. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Not a fan of men in skirts, generally.

    Unless we’re talking about this kind of skirt . . . then, yes, a fan, very much so:

  3. acardnal says:

    Fr. Z, you’re not skirting the issue are you?

    [bwah bwah bwaaaah]

  4. chris_R says:

    I saw this on the TV news and was disgusted by it. The focus seemed to be that of legitimizing a man in a skirt or “anything goes these days.” Part of me wonders if the whole thing was staged to further an agenda and to generate a little of “shock .” It may have been funny 40 years ago but today but there seems to be a real push to make the abnormal appear normal.

    I thought of a deceased Catholic friend of mine, a male homosexual and sodomite, who made a firm desire to change his ways and ultimately married a woman in the Church and enjoyed the true family life that he always wanted including grandchildren. This was 40 years ago. He agitated his future wife to wear skirts for, as he said, “Pants is a male thing — I want to re-gear my mind and it helps when a woman dresses like a woman and a man dresses like a man.” Today, he’d be ridiculed.

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