VIDEO: Beautiful restoration of a church in Milwaukee – St. Stanislaus

My friend Canon Benoit Jayr, stationed in Milwaukee, sent me the link to a video of the restoration of St. Stanislaus Oratory.  Kudos to everyone who brought that work of charity about.  It is a great contribution to the cause.

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  1. smauggie says:

    Lovely worship space. A nice way to calm down after the work day. Thanks.

  2. jge313 says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Matt R says:

    “On behalf of His Holiness, Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Milwaukee, the Most Reverend Jerome Listecki, conferred upon Abbé George Baird, clerical oblate of the Institute, the papal medal “Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice.” This was in recognition of his work as project manager for the renovations. Abbé George has extensive experience with Chicago and Milwaukee–area contractors.

  4. Michael_Haz says:

    I love that church. I returned to Catholicism there, because of the beauty of the Latin Mass. I didn’t know how much I missed it – it was the Mass heard in my childhood – until I attended Mass at St. Stan’s one Sunday at the gentle urging of an acquaintance. I knew in a moment why the Novus Ordo just felt…..too light.

    That was eight years ago. The transformation at St. Stan’s has been remarkable. Abbe George Baird and Canon Benoit Jayr are wonderful, remarkable men. And such fun to be with! It’s little wonder that the pews seem fuller every month, with more and more young people joining the parish from all over southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

    May God continue to bless them, and may the Institute continue to give us such holy and good people.

  5. Sseprn says:

    A beautiful Church. Thank you. I brought back fond memories of my youth serving at the Altar in for a similar Polish American community. God Bless all.

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  7. baileymxd says:


    Can’t wait to show you our own updates soon, Father. Divine Providence has led us to a century old balldachino, altar rail, and pulpit from a parish that closed up north.

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