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Giant space rock hurtling towards your planet! Fr. Z opines and advises.

Some of my friends in our SMS exchanges will at times long for the big meteor to put us out of our misery. Today I read at Space.com that there is a big asteroid – hopefully not meteor – coming. A … Read More

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The crisis of priestly vocations: good advice from a smart priest

More on the issue of vocations to the priesthood.  Allow me, first, to say that the “crisis” of vocations was created and it’s perpetuation is also not only tolerated but, in some places, fostered.  That said, it is probable that in most … Read More

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18-22 Sept 2017: Conference on liturgical formation!

There is to be an interesting liturgical conference in W. Peabody, Mass, in September.  Priests and seminarians should pay particular attention. Culmen Et Fons 2017: On Liturgical Formation “Fons et culmen” concerns the famous phrase about the Eucharist being the “source and … Read More

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