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29 August 1997 – Happy Birthday SKYNET!

I hope you realize that this is a subtle message never to attempt to delete my blog from your daily reading list.  

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Omnium Gatherum – Of deaconettes, shoes and consecrations

UPDATE: I just saw reports that the lib Left had a meltdown over 1st Lady Melania Trump’s shoes when she was on her way to Houston.  I can’t help but wonder about a connection between the Left’s obsessions and their … Read More

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Speaking Truth To Power

We celebrate liturgically the births of Our Lord (25 December), His Blessed Mother (8 September) and the prophet who was more than a prophet, the greatest man ever born of a woman (Matthew 11:9-11; Luke 7:28), St John the Baptist … Read More

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Eyewitness account of struggle over post-Conciliar liturgical reform, which “reversed” centuries

I think that some day many more people will know about the life and work of the late French Archbp. Marcel Lefebvre.  He, a Holy Ghost Father, was a great missionary in Africa whose influence is still strongly felt there. … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Civil divorce but stay together as married couple?

From a reader: I (think) I have a tough question (“hagan lío”?): Can a man and a woman, who validly embraced the Sacrament of Marriage 10 years ago and who STILL WANT to carry on living as husband and wife … Read More

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