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My View For Awhile: Challenge Coin Chapter Edition

I’m off to deliver a challenge coin to the guys who pushed me over the edge finally to have mine made. I’m tardy in the exchange but it’ll happen in the next couple of days. Meanwhile my bag my been … Read More

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About tearing down statues of those of whom you disapprove

Variations of damnatio memoriae are cropping up everywhere, it seems. From the past: 5. Further, no one arose to avenge Dion’s death; but in the case of Brutus, Antony, an enemy, gave him illustrious burial, and Octavius, an enemy, actually took … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Deacon consumed unconsecrated Hosts which dropped to the floor

From a reader… QUAERITUR: At Mass on the Assumption, the lady carrying the hosts for the offertory was unable to carry the container level (appeared to have Parkinson’s and was shaking) and dropped several on the floor. The deacon noticed, … Read More

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