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Wherein Fr. Z sends Michael Sean Winters a “Combat Rosary”

UPDATE: Winters responded!  HERE ___ ORIGINALLY Published on: Jul 31, 2017: The other day Michael Sean Winters, the juggernaut writer for the Fishwrap, attacked you readers here. HERE  He did so, because one of you asked me about the Most Holy Rosary as a … Read More

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If Fishwrap and modernist Jesuits had their way…

Writers for the Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter) and Amerika type Jesuits want us to become like these forward-looking, progressives whom they so idolize. This was sent by a friend.  Here’s a smattering with my emphases and comments. From American Conservative: Spin Of The Year [Accompanied … Read More

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Jesuits and the Barque of Peter

My good friend Fr. Finigan, aka His Hermeneuticalness, has a doozy of a post today about admirable Jesuits, on this the feast of their founder, St. Ignatius.  HERE He names some great Jesuits, many of whom I know and one of … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during the Holy Mass in fulfillment your of Sunday Obligation? Let us know.


My View For Awhile: Northward Bound

Time to head home. In other words, it’s time for another bout with Delta. On my computer screen in that photo, is the text of a comment posted under my last travel post extravagantly defending Delta!  HERE.   To which … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Was St. Michael Prayer after Mass suppressed by Vatican II?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I recently heard a priest announce to his congregation that the St. Michael Prayer had been “suppressed” by Vatican II. [No.] People could still pray it privately, but it could not be recited in congregation after mass. Is this … Read More

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NLM: Useful study of creation of the Novus Ordo Lectionary

Have you followed the tennis match back and forth that has resulted since Card. Sarah’s suggestion in La Nef that the Extraordinary and the Ordinary Forms of Mass should have a coordinated Lectionary? Some were cool about that suggestion and … Read More

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Wisdom from Hugh of St. Victor

I picked up this great quote on Sententiae Antiquae. My emphases and comments: Hugo of St. Victor, Didascalion On the Study of Reading – Preface (Part I) “There are many whom nature has left so destitute of intellect that they are unable to grasp … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Msgr. Mannion supports ordination of deaconettes. Fail.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: One of our Diocesan (Salt Lake City) Priests [Msgr. M. Francis Mannion] wrote an op-ed for our local Diocese Newspaper entitled “Some Items That Caught My Attention Recently”. In this piece, (HERE) he talks about how the Eastern Rite … Read More

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@MichaelSWinters nasty remark about converts. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Today there is a “Defense of Converts” in First Things.   There is a defense because there was an attack. A couple days back, at the Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter), the Wile E. Coyote of the catholic Left, Michael Sean Winters, attacked … Read More

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Did Pope Francis insult some young priests? Fr. Z opines and tells a story.

This isn’t the sort of thing that should pull much of our attention or energy.  However, I have been asked about it in email by a surprising number of people, including priests. It seems that the site Messa in latino picked … Read More

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A timely review, including the ULTIMATE priest gift.

UPDATE: From a priest, just now: Just a note to let you know that I bought a portable altar from St. Joseph’s Apprentice a few months back. I couldn’t be happier with it — it is absolutely beautiful! And Rick … Read More

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To the defeatists

Some years back, 19 March 2013 to be exact, I published here a manifesto entitled “Dear Traditionalists” to which I return from time to time. I still adhere to it. In that piece I featured a photo of aspiring Navy … Read More

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Some good things are happening

I have had notes from reader about good things going on. First, I call your attention to a good initiative in the Diocese of Burlington (Vermont).  A new group has been established called the St. Philip Neri Latin Mass Chaplaincy.   … Read More

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Rumors about Summorum Pontificum – GET A GRIP!

My email is filling with panicked messages about a story at LifeSite which suggests that Pope Francis is maneuvering to end the universal legislation established by Benedict XVI in Summorum Pontificum. HERE Please, friends, breathe into a paper bag or whatever … Read More

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REVIEW – Peter Kwasniewski’s new book: Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness: Why the Modern Age Needs the Mass of Ages

I’m digging into Peter Kwasniewski’s new book: Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness: Why the Modern Age Needs the Mass of Ages US HERE – UK HERE It has a forward by the great Martin Mosebach, author of The Heresy of Formlessness (a … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Can an ex-woman, a trans “man”, be ordained?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: With the increase of transgender people pushing their agenda, would it be possible for a biological woman who thinks she’s a he and has gone through the Sex “change” process somehow slip through the cracks and make it to … Read More

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“For goodness’ sake, own your faith, Fr. Martin!” Analysis of Jesuit’s homosexualist activism

Over at Crisis there is a piece by Rev. Mr. Jim Russell entitled “A Final Word On Fr. Martin” Alas, I fear that that is far too optimistic.  Jesuit Homosexualist-activist Fr James Martin is sure to come up with something weird again … Read More

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Registration Issue

The blog registration form has been under attack lately.   To deal with this I tried to do something clever.  It didn’t work.  I goofed something up.  It could be that I screwed up some registrations from some of you … Read More

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When the ghost of Gene Roddenberry designs a church

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” So runs the popular phrase. I hope with all my heart that that is true! Today a friend (and father of a priest) wrote an email with an astonishing link: When the ghost … Read More

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