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UPDATED WITH AUDIO: On hearing Sir James Macmillan’s “A European Requiem”

UPDATE 8 Aug 2017 MacMillan’s piece is first up.  Then at about 42:45 Beethoven’s 9th starts. ____ Originally Published on: Aug 7 Would that I were in London and able to attend the Proms.  I would have very much enjoyed hearing the premiere … Read More

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Thanks from seminarian: The BIRETTA PROJECT!

The other day, HERE, I mentioned that new seminarians of the diocese, gathered for their annual week with the Extraordinary Ordinary, have been measured for their birettas as part of the ongoing BIRETTAS FOR SEMINARIANS PROJECT. So far, this project has … Read More

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Wherein homsexualist activist Jesuit Fr James Martin is schooled

Libs attempt to defend their dissent from doctrine – especially about morals (read: sex) – by claiming that the Church’s teachings have not be “received”.  That is, if a large number of people say they don’t agree with the Church … Read More

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URGENT: for priests

Today at Crisis Fr. George Rutler is the purveyor of salutary advice to young priests.  HERE Of particular interest to me, since I harp on the need for frequent confession: The Holy Mass is the heart of the Christian life, but to be that, … Read More

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