UPDATE: WORTHY Traditional Liturgy Project needs YOU and Mass in London 7 Sept

action-item-buttonUPDATE 7 September 2017:

I had this note from the Administrator at Corpus Christi in Maiden Lane, London.

Hi Father,
I just wanted to give you a quick update: we’re currently at £3840.20 of the £5000 we need – so very close!

Once we get past the £4000 we can place the order for it, I think. Would you be able to bump the post back to the top of your page for a day or so? Your readers have been incredibly generous so far.  [That’s you!]

I hear you will be coming to stay with us soon. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you in person!

Okay, readers…. get in there and help them cross this ACTION ITEM off their list!  Tell them Fr. Z sent you.


Also… TONIGHT my friend Fr. Michael Lang of the Oratory will be at Maiden Lane for the Mass with the Sodality of the Blessed Sacrament.  Londoners!  SHOW UP!

Originally Published on: Jun 25, 2017

I bring to your attention a wonderful and WORTHY project. I hope you will all click and explore the site as well.

The parish of Corpus Christi in London, on Maiden Lane near Covent Garden, as been the site of ongoing Holy Masses in the Traditional Roman Rite for decades.

The church itself is simple and lovely and it has been receiving a lot of TLC from its present pastor (parish priest). There is a great restoration going on there about which I have posted from time to time.

I just received this note from their parish administrator.

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to give you an update on Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane in London. I know you have celebrated Mass here and have posted about us on your blog before, for which we are very grateful.

As you may have seen online, the restoration should hopefully be done by the end of the year and next year His Eminence, Vincent Cardinal Nichols is coming to celebrate Mass for Corpus Christi and to ‘reopen’ the restored church.

We would like to have a procession of the Blessed Sacrament after Mass but we do not own a canopy at the moment (shocking, I know!). [OH THE HUMANITY!] We are trying to fundraise for one from Serpone. Perhaps the followers of your blog may be able to help us out? There is a link on our website where donations can be made online:


We have also set up a Sodality of the Blessed Sacrament – a Confraternity dedicated to more perfectly honouring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. [Very cool.] Anyone can be a member, wherever they are in the world. [Sign me up!] There is a monthly Mass with a different guest preacher each month and members receive a nice Monstrance badge to wear. Our next Mass (after the summer break) is on Thursday 7th September at 6:30pm, when Fr. Michael Lang, CO will be preaching. There is a monthly newsletter with all the homilies, so those who can’t be there in person don’t miss out!



Here is the canopy they want.

I’m all for that!

You readers have been generous to projects for the TMSM (DON’T FORGET OUR PROJECT HERE!).

If a goodly percentage of you readers would donate even just a little bit, their project will be rapidly fulfilled.

Would you please give them a lift with a donation?


I would like to see the Blessed Sacrament carried about COVENT GARDEN with THAT canopy and all the incense and hand-bells going.  Imagine.

You Americans out there… show the Brits how it’s done.  Be swift and generous.  Don’t be outdone.  Make sure that when they pick up that canopy they remember that “Fr. Z’s readers – especially the American readers made this!”

HENCE – When you make your donation, use the “special instructions” item and tell them that Fr Z (Zed) sent you!

Speaking of restoration…

Just to give you an additional idea of what they are trying to do there, here is a view of what they did for the church’s sanctuary.


Here is what they have done with their Lady Chapel

Get it?

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  1. Oxonian95 says:

    Perfect. Can’t wait to see pics of the procession!

  2. gouletdrg says:

    You just reminded me I need to email the pastor. He graciously welcomed me during my visit to London last year!

  3. PayPal makes it easy (if you have an account….). 25 quid only works out to 33 USD. I won’t hurt, and will help.

  4. JustaSinner says:

    I challenge everyone reading to donate a fiver. (Five pounds, $6.72) They need another 2200 pounds, so we wdtprs.com readers can take this down rather quickly.

    [It sure would!]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  5. Joy65 says:

    Very nice job they did. Beautiful.

  6. cathgrl says:

    Great idea, JustaSinner! Done!

  7. scholastica says:

    Done. For Jesus and Mary!

  8. jaykay says:

    Have done so. As Brian D. Boyle says, PayPal makes it very easy. Plus, one can leave a comment. While I know London very well, I’ve never been in this Church. Will certainly visit it when next in London in October.

  9. ex seaxe says:

    Not a bad idea to book a table in Rules restaurant, on the other side of the road, for when you come out of church.


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