KANSAS 15-17 Sept: Conference – Introduction to the TLM

LMC-AdThere is a promising conference in – I think – Kansas.  The advertising is a little confusing, since they are talking about it on the site of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Littleton (Denver), CO where my friend Fr. James Jackson FSSP reigns supreme.  However, the conference seems to be in Pittsburgh… KANSAS.

It will take place over 3 days, 15-17 September.  As the site says:

The purposes of this conference are, therefore, five in number:

  • First, to serve as an introduction to the traditional Roman Mass for those who would like to learn more about their Catholic liturgical heritage
  • Second, to serve as the first step in teaching the practical arts of singing, serving, saying, and participating in this venerable and beautiful form of the Roman Mass
  • Third, to take the first step in evaluating the possibility of establishing a stable Latin Mass community in the four state area
  • Fourth, to help parents, home school teachers, PSR instructors, and R.C.I.A. leaders to acquire the knowledge and materials necessary to help transmit this important, though often overlooked, aspect of Catholic identity
  • Finally, to allow  people  of common minds regarding liturgy, theology, beauty, music, spirituality, and reverence to meet, know, and enjoy each other’s company

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  1. riopeljm says:

    Fr Jackson is also celebrating the 25th anniversary EF Mass at st Anthony’s in wichita on the 17th. The 25 years is in celebration of the EF resuming under Bishop Gerber 25 years ago in our diocese. He will give a talk after the 1pm mass and discuss his book. Please pass this on. Thanks!

  2. surritter says:

    It would also reduce confusion if they spelled the city correctly… The one in Kansas does not end with an “h” whereas the one in Pennsylvania does. :)

  3. frthomashoisington says:

    This conference is in Pittsburg, Kansas, in the Diocese of Wichita. It’s being hosted by Father David Voss (mentioned on the poster), who is the chaplain of the Newman Center at Pittsburg State University. The students at Pitt State are blessed to have a solid priest like Father Voss as their chaplain.

  4. PTK_70 says:

    @surritter….You are on it!

    Isn’t it funny that the commonly bandied about phrase for the ordinary form of the Roman Rite is in Latin (“Novus Ordo”) and yet the commonly bandied about phrase used to refer to the traditional form of the Roman Rite Mass is in English (“Traditional Latin Mass”)?

    Leaving aside the problems with the troublesome term “Novus Ordo”, let’s identify the inadequacy, indeed, the ambiguity, of the phrase “Traditional Latin Mass”. The issue is simply this: there are multiple Rites within the Latin Church, centuries old, according to which Mass is celebrated. Dominican, Ambrosian, Mozarabic come to mind. So there is no “one” traditional Latin Mass.

    Mass celebrated according to the extraordinary/traditional form of the Roman Rite needs its own proper nickname. “Usus antiquior” should be just fine but if an English nickname must be found, then how about “Traditional Roman Mass”?

  5. surritter says:

    @PTK_70 Also, people forget that it’s perfectly fine (and encouraged) to celebrate the Ordinary Form using the language of Latin! I sometimes attend a parish that does that, and when I mention to others that it’s a Mass in Latin they automatically think it’s the Extraordinary Form.

    That’s the genius of the using the terms OF and EF. They avoid the pitfalls of which language is being used, and they also avoid the politics that come with the term Novus Ordo (which always bugged me).

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