The Eye of Irma

Please continue prayers for those in the path of the hurricanes.

The eye of Irma.

Explanation via APOTD:

Explanation: Why does a hurricane have an eye at its center? No one is yet sure. What happens in and around a hurricane’s eye is well documented, though. Warm air rises around the eye’s edges, cools, swirls, and spreads out over the large storm, sinking primarily at the far edges. Inside the low-pressure eye, air also sinks and warms — which causes evaporation, calm, and clearing — sunlight might even stream through. Just at the eye’s edge is a towering eyewall, the area of the highest winds. It is particularly dangerous to go outside when the tranquil eye passes over because you are soon to experience, again, the storm’s violent eyewall. Featured is one of the most dramatic videos yet taken of an eye and rotating eyewall. The time-lapse video was taken from space by NASA’s GOES-16 satellite last week over one of the most powerful tropical cyclones in recorded history: Hurricane Irma. Hurricanes can be extremely dangerous and their perils are not confined to the storm’s center.

Fathers, bishops… use the prayers in the Rituale Romanum. Use the prayers for the Votive Mass against storms in the older, traditional Missal. They are powerful.

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  1. Phil says:

    Job 38:11 “And I said: Hitherto thou shalt come, and shalt come no further. Here thou shalt break thy swelling waves.”

  2. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    What can the non-ordained do, in such a situation. Is it licit for us to pray the votive collects ….?

  3. AnnTherese says:

    We can pray! It doesn’t matter what words we say. Our tears are prayer! The words in our hearts are prayer. Pray from the depths of your heart for hurricane victims in the US, the many killed in floods in Bangladesh, the earthquake victims in Mexico, all who are impacted by wildfires in the West and abroad… God hears the cries of our spirits and the longings of our hearts. God is with us in all the storms of our lives. God wants us to “be not afraid” and to trust with all our being.

    Just pray. And fast, and give generously to Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities who are helping in the thick of things.

  4. un-ionized says:

    After the eye passes the wind blows just as hard from the opposite direction.

  5. frjim4321 says:

    Thanks for the picture. [It’s a video.]

    After 9/11 (on the following Sunday) the bishop gave everyone permission to use a votive mass; which one, I don’t know.

    This cataclysm seems to have a similar flavor.

    I’m sure the substitution would not effect validity.

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