PODCAzT 156 – Josef Seifert on The Persecution of Orthdoxy

Today at First Things there is a powerful and persuasive piece by Josef Seifert, former Dietrich von Hildebrand Chair of Realist Phenomenology at the International Academy of Philosophy in Spain.

It is clear that there is now a not so subtle persecution ramping up by the champions of ambiguity against those who hold traditional values and affirm perennial teachings.

Today, in the midst of truly a lot of things to do, I decided that Seifert’s piece was so good, so measured and well written that it had to be made available beyond those who have time to read webpages.  People might have time to absorb it as they drive, run, or do chores…. that’s how I get through a lot of books, after all.  Seifert’s essay has great information and good arguments which all of us need to have cold so that when we have discussions, we can know what’s what and offer reasons for our hope and faith in charity.

Fr. Z kudos to First Things and to Prof. Seifert.

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  1. teechrlady says:

    Thank you,Father. I look forward to listening.

  2. Kerry says:

    “knowledge, competence, and prestige”

  3. Spinmamma says:

    Professor Seifert’s article is beautifully written, clear and direct, as one might expect from such an eminent scholar. Thank you for the link. His elegant truth to power offering greatly encouraged and comforted my troubled mind and soul..

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  5. Semper Gumby says:

    “Power must not be allowed to dominate over reason in the Church.”

    Exactly. Great article. Thanks for this Fr. Z.

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