Little Saint Placid Day

Today in the traditional Roman calendar it is the feast of the 3rd c. Sicilian martyrs St. Placid and companions, slain during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian.

Today in the revised calendar is the feast of Sts. Placid and Maurus, companions of St. Benedict in the 6th c.

The saints are sometimes confused and both have their feast on 5 October.

Here is the entry in the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum.

5. Commemoratio sancti Placidi, monachi, qui inde a pueritia carissimus fuit discipulus sancti Benedicti.

Here is the entry in the1878 Martyrologium Romanum.

Messanae in Sicilia natalis sanctorum Martyrum Placidi Monachi, discipuli beati Benedicti Abbatis, et fratrum eius Eutychii et Victorini, ac Flaviae Virginis eorum sororis; item Donati Firmati Diaconi, Faisti, aliorumque trignita Monachorum, qui a Manucha pirata pro Christi fide necati sunt.

I have for a long time had an interest in St. Placid, the Benedictine of the 6th c., because of a delightful book I found during a retreat when I was in seminary.

The book is called La vie de petit st Placid… The Life of Little St. Placid by Mother Geneviève Gallois. I have it in French and in English.

I soooo hope that someone will republish it in English.

Little St. Placid

A sister name Placida came to Mother Geneviève and asked her to draw her a picture.  Mother drew 104 and thus the book was born.  It is a work of deep spiritual value and nearly painful charm.

Little St. Placid

Mother Genevieve, who had come from an extremely anti-clerical background, was a talented painter.  She had bad health and a hard time when at 23 she entered the convent of the Les Bénédictines de la rue Monsieur (20 rue Monsieur in the 7e arrondissement).  She wound up being a novice for 22 year, in fact.

Here is one of her paintings.

Le feu - plus je tape, plus il pétille

A couple more images from the book.

Little St. Placid

About Mass.  Click to enlarge.

Little St. Placid

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  1. pelerin says:

    One of the Metro stations in Paris is called Saint-Placide. I have to admit that although I have been curious as to who he was when passing through, I have never actually thought of googling him so thank you for the information. Incidentally it is one of the stations within walking distance of the Chapel in the Rue du Bac and also the lesser known church which contains the body of St Vincent de Paul.

  2. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Sketches made with lines swift and sure, and in a style about a decade or so ahead of its time. Very, very talented. Wowzer.

  3. Unwilling says:

    Shameless piety!
    Obviously a gem.

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