ACTION ITEM! Help the Benedictines of Mary! Urgent before Christmas.

Some news from the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles.  I often feature music from their great discs in my podcasts.

They have a lot of their income from their music discs.

The sisters need urgent help.

This news came:

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we make final preparations in our homes and in our hearts for the coming of our Savior, we want to send our love and prayers to all of you. We thank you for your past support, knowing that we couldn’t live our lives of prayer without your generous assistance.

If you are still in need of Christmas gifts, we have all of our CDs in stock, and are offering them right now for just $12 each!

Any orders placed before 9am(CST) today will be shipped today, and orders placed by 9am Monday will be shipped on Monday.

[NB] Amazon inexplicably stopped selling our Caroling at Ephesus CD early last week, so we unfortunately lost a tremendous number of sales. So we reach out to you now, hoping that through your kindness, we might make up for this loss, which will help us to raise the last $150,000 needed to make our final construction payment of the year.

We would be most grateful if you could spread the word by any means, near and far! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your goodness and continued support!

In the Divine Infant,

Mother Cecilia & Sisters

p.s. After many requests, we’ve finally made our first wall calendar, available soon. Please check our website mid-week if you are interested!

Everyone… click


These sisters pray for priests in a special way.   They are the real deal.  They have the Extraordinary Form and so many vocations that they need, soon, to make a foundation.

Help them?  Please?

Let them know that Fr. Z sent you.

If you have a blog, give them a lift.

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  1. Ave Crux says:

    I was able to purchase the MP3 format album today from Amazon. At least this will provide some additional income. Will also make a donation.

    Interestingly, I also saw that Amazon is offering songs from this album for Free Streaming for Prime users…..?

    Do the Sisters know that and did they agree to it?

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  6. Titus says:

    I also saw that Amazon is offering songs from this album for Free Streaming for Prime users……?
    Do the Sisters know that and did they agree to it?

    That’s not free on the back end. Rights holders get paid when people stream music like that, and they have recourse if they don’t. It’s not as much as if you bought the CD, but the Sisters do (or very much SHOULD) get something when you listen to it streaming, even if you don’t pay a discrete fee to listen to it.

    And I see the cd up on Amazon too: I buy all their albums, but whatever mixup is referred to in their note seems to have been resolved. (So you can use Fr. Z’s link to buy it from Amazon and get it in time for Christmas!)

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

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