ACTION ITEM! Please support Our Lady of Hope Clinic – MATCHING GRANT

Sometimes people have a hard time finding causes to support.  I have a few organizations which I trust 100% for my own charitable giving.

This is one of them that I admire.

Our Lady of Hope Clinic.  This is a CATHOLIC clinic, that practices medicine in keeping with the teachings of the Church.

RIGHT NOW… they have a “matching grant” going on.  Every TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to the clinic from now to the end of the year will be matched, so your donation does double duty.

I have written about Our Lady of Hope Clinic before.  This is one of the worthiest causes I have seen for a while and it could use your help, wherever you are.

Read more HERE and HERE

This could be a new model for health care in a rapidly changing – disintegrating – time.  The “Affordable” Care Act really… isn’t.  Even if Congress and the Trump administration is able to take this disaster in hand, we still have big problems and the poor are always with us.

They have a DONATION page.

Please tell them Fr. Z sent you.

Contact Julie Jensen, Director of Development, at, or by calling (608) 957-1137.

In the clinic you see a sign on the wall explaining that
“Our Lady of Hope Clinic practices medicine consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church”

Therefore, they will not refer for abortion, prescribe contraception, refer for sterilization, refer for in vitro fertilization, etc.


“We will practice in complete accord with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.”

I suggest that it is a model that may be duplicated in other places, especially as the chaos really starts to begin in healthcare in these USA.

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  1. eymard says:

    My brother has a farm in the Driftless region northwest of Madison; I’ll tell him about this.

    Another similar, prolife affirming clinic, is the Culture of Life Family Services in San Diego & Escondido (serving John Paul the Great Catholic University). They even have an adoration chapel!

    How much Our Savior will bless these medical missionaries for their work.

  2. Facta Non Verba says:

    Donation made! I’m happy to help!

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