A small pebble can start a rock slide.

I received yet another language version of the well-know, widespread Internet Prayer

Not Klingon, but almost as different.


İnternet Duası

Bizi kendi benzerliğinde yaratan; özellikle de tek Oğlun, Rabbimiz İsa Mesih’in kutsal şahsında sadece iyi, gerçek ve güzel olanı aramamızı isteyen yüce ve ebedi Tanrı, sana yalvarıyoruz. Episkopos ve Doktor, Aziz İsidore’un aracılığıyla internetteki seyahatlerimiz süresince ellerimizi ve gözlerimizi sadece Seni memnun edecek şeylere yönlendir ve karşılaştığımız herkese sevgi ve sabırla yaklaşmamızı sağla. Rabbimiz Mesih İsa’nın adıyla. Amin

Getting these different translations is a real high during my otherwise tough days. Again… KLINGON? Anyone?


Meanwhile, by coincidence our … friends? at Rorate have a nifty story about the traditional Mass in Turkey! HERE

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  1. Gripen says:

    Father, I have to ask…why do you care so much about a Klingon translation? Are you trying to convert the nerds? Or the Klingons?


  2. Marion Ancilla Mariae II says:

    Turkish is indeed very different from English and from other Western European languages: it is not an Indo-European language at all, but a member of a family of languages that spans an area from Siberia to Iran, across Central Asia and to the Balkan region. The hypothesis of many modern linguists is that these languages originated in what is today known as Mongolia.

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