HURRAY! Great news! “The Life of Little Saint Placid” is back in print.

I have a precious little book, published in the 1950’s called The Life of Little Saint Placid, originally in French, by Mother Geneviève Gallois.

I had long hoped that it would be republished.


St. Augustine Academy Press, who made the truly stunning book about Holy Mass in the traditional Roman Rite, obtained permission to republish the lovely little book.   I have an ad for the Press on the sidebar.

The back story.

A sister named Placida went to Mother Geneviève and asked her to draw her a picture.  Mother drew 104 and thus the book was born.

It is a work of deep spiritual value and nearly painful charm.

Little St. Placid

Mother Genevieve, who had come from an extremely anti-clerical background, was a talented painter.  She had bad health and a hard time when at 23 she entered the convent of the Les Bénédictines de la rue Monsieur (20 rue Monsieur in the 7e arrondissement).  She wound up being a novice for 22 year, in fact.

Here is the new printing, in paperback, however.

And because we are at the threshold of Christmas.

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  1. stephen c says:

    Let’s pray for her relatives from the anti-clerical background. They could not have been all that bad with a (daughter/niece/sister/cousin) like her!
    There is no reason why they (the anti-clericals) could not have grown to love a book like this, with enough prayers on their behalf.
    More importantly, there is no reason they (the anti-clericals) could not have grown to love and respect a person who could write a book like this.
    And, one day, we will look back on the sad 20th century and recognize that there were lots of people who wanted to (and sometimes did) write books like this. Thank God for that!

  2. Semper Gumby says:

    Interesting how the Latin is worked in amongst the English text.

    Good points stephen c.

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