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Fishwrap – swamp of pseudo-Catholic wokeness: CANCEL JOHN PAUL II!

Here is a spectacular example of “fundamental osculation” from the Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter). Keep in mind an old principle: Everything before “but” is B as in B, S as in S. Editorial: US bishops, please suppress the cult … Read More

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Role of #MSM in mass shootings: If it bleeds, it leads. Angry @fatherz asks fearful questions

I dunno. What is the role of the MSM in these mass shootings? The networks descend on every mass shooting like vultures and create 24/7 coverage. I wonder if mentally disturbed people don’t fix on these horrors and then copy … Read More

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About tearing down statues of those of whom you disapprove

Variations of damnatio memoriae are cropping up everywhere, it seems. From the past: 5. Further, no one arose to avenge Dion’s death; but in the case of Brutus, Antony, an enemy, gave him illustrious burial, and Octavius, an enemy, actually took … Read More

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Erasing the Magisterium of a Pope. Wherein Fr. Z rants and suggests.

There is a long standing political tool employed to eliminate opposition which is associated with the past, or a defeated regime.  You can see evidence of this tool all around Rome, in monuments both ancient and recent.  It is called damnatio memoriae… … Read More

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PARIS – Day 5: Miraculous Edition

Pro sacerdote vel laico O Mater pietatis et misericordiae, beatissima Virgo Maria, ego miser et indignus peccator ad te confugio toto corde et affectu; et precor pietatem tuam, ut, sicut dulcissimo Filio tuo in Cruce pendenti astitisti, ita et mihi, … Read More

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