Radio host @VickiMcKenna tackles present issues roiling the Church

More on the Jesuit-engineered debacle at Holy Cross College.  I posted about their prof who is trying to “queer” Jesus and about their cowardly, ankle-grabbing cringe to the world when they dropped their team’s name and mascot.  HERE

I direct the readership’s attention to the first hour from Good Friday of one of the best radio talk show hosts in these USA, Vicki McKenna out of Milwaukee and the mad city of Madison.  iHeart HERE and subscribed on iTunes HERE

In her first hour, she has a guest, a professor of classics at UW, with whom she discusses all sorts of issues afflicting the Catholic Church in these USA, touching on Holy Cross and about the issue of Hell or no-Hell and the way many in the Church are bending to the world.

I think those links, above, will work for you.   Start listening at about 18:15 (good bumper music too).   Try this link HERE (if it doesn’t work, its the longer of the segments on 30 March).

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