Fr. Z’s Kitchen: ‘Na ciumacata! Daje!

The other day I wrote about the connection of the Feast of St. John the Baptist and SNAILS! Romans eat snails on this great feast and so should you.

And so did I.

A few of you sent some donations for my snaily repast. Thanks! I wasn’t able in time to get snails with shells, but I have use the donations to get some snail hardware for the future.

Meanwhile, I started out with a drink which I recently discovered during our pro-life pilgrimage in S. Italy.  Behold



I obtained good canned snails.  Don’t they look great?

I used for my Roman preparation some sauce that I had made last week and froze.  First, however, I started some garlic in oil with lots of fennel.

And now for something different, especially for a certain writer of the Fishwrap.  Sam Gregg and Fr. Sirico of ACTON INSTITUTE discuss burning questions during Acton University.

I added mint to the sauce.   It is definitely not the wonderful mentuccia of Rome, but it reminded me thereof.

I simmered the snails for quite a long while, until the sauce and all the snaily juices were reduced.

On the side, caponata I made last week and froze.  Crispy bread from the blesséd toaster oven.

Pure joy.  A great way to celebrate the Feast of the glorious St. John the Baptist, called by Christ Himself the greatest man ever born.  Imagine!

After, green salad with vinaigrette of garlic and macerated tomatoes.

Back to ACTON INSTITUTE, so beloved of the Fishwrap.

After the last day of Acton University, we went out for cigars and … beverages.

But, alas, not tonight.


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