Fun video from Rome!

From the loons of the Fishwrap comes this amusing moment.  Some loons went to Rome to “protest” about the ordination of women.   They were, it seems, harassing Synod members. The police got interested.

Note the caption: Roman pilice clash with peaceful protesters”. First, there was no “clash” and they weren’t peaceful, since they were making a racket, which is rude. Note also who made it. LOL!

I want a video of them being dragged off across the sampietrini, perhaps being pursed by someone with that stick thing that Francis had.  No wait, perhaps Francis got the stick thing from one of them?

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  1. Lisa Graas says:

    My word! What fun!

  2. pbewig says:

    I am distressed at the use of the word “peaceful” in contexts like this. These people are clearly disturbing the peace and preventing others from carrying out the daily commerce of their lives. Thus they are not peaceful.

    A better description is “non-violent.” I am glad the protest is non-violent, and no one was hurt. But that doesn’t make the protest peaceful.

  3. Benedict Joseph says:

    That “stick-thing” was the remains of a broom.

  4. Bellarmino Vianney says:

    They are saying, “knock knock…” blah, etc.

    That should remind one of Luke 13:23-28, where someone asks Jesus how many people will be saved.

    Jesus responds by basically saying that *many* people think they are going to heaven but instead will be cast into hell.

    These people, much like Fishwrap and the women in the above video, presume they are going to heaven and “stand outside and knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord open to us'” or ” ‘Lord, give us female ordination'” or “‘Lord, follow my commands.”

    Jesus is pretty clear that women and “men” that demand things like female ordination will end up in hell if they do not repent and change their lives.

    On a side note, it is mind-boggling how many people – like a certain auxiliary bishop on the Left Coast – overlook Luke 13:23-28 (and similar Scripture passages in Matthew) when discussing salvation – who is saved and how many are saved. Jesus answers the question pretty clearly. Many people think/presume they are going to heaven but will actually be condemned to hell.

    And for the record, anyone who votes for the political Left is essentially in that category of those who will likely end up in hell unless they repent and change their lives.

  5. JustaSinner says:

    Where’s the Soanish Inquisition when you need them?

    [I guess they had too much to do in Soan.]

  6. jaykay says:

    “Roman police clash with peaceful protesters”.

    The caption is the usual tactic employed by these types: “victim signalling”. It’s a close relation of “virtue signalling” but with added pathos – misleading descriptions calculated to evoke sympathy in the casual beholder.

    Note that when they have the upper hand it’s very different i.e. if, say, a “traditional” group tried a similar tactic at one of their covens… ooops… meetings (and the likelihood is that if such happened it would be without unmannerly, childish shouting etc.) the caption would be something like: “Pre-V2 fascists (‘cos everyone they dislike these days is one) storm peaceful faith-gathering”. “Mercy” is very much a one-way street.

  7. JonPatrick says:

    Of course they don’t really care about women’s ordination per se; this is just using the usual Saul Alinsky tactics to achieve the real goal – the hollowing out of the Catholic Church so that it has the trappings of a Church but in reality is just another secular NGO that does good works and makes people feel good about themselves. Sort of like what the Anglican Communion has become in most of the West.

  8. JustaSinner says:

    Amongst our weaponry… are such elements as fear, surpr… I’ll come in again.

  9. Legisperitus says:

    But you see, if they could be ordained, they wouldn’t need to shout. They could just peacefully shake their ordination tambourines.

  10. Thomas says:

    When see thing like this I always wonder whose paying for this? It’s “Father” James Martin. Where does he get his money from? How is he flying around internationally?

  11. Ave Maria says:

    Stick thing resembles a thing a witch would use. Just sayin’

  12. Semper Gumby says:

    Ah, another ruckus by loons in the Eternal City. Well, at least they didn’t tear up the cobblestones and chuck them at the Polizia.

    Here is a far better ruckus by loons:

    JustaSinner: Good one. “Exit, pursued by a bear.”

    Hmm…on the other hand, to return to Monty Python, perhaps these agitators were screeching: “Help! I’m being oppressed! See the violence inherent in the system!”

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