Holy See Spokesman Greg Burke resigned

Today I was greeted with the excellent new that my old friend Greg Burke, the director of the Holy See Press Office and papal spokesman, has resigned.  I am delighted for him.

While you could not assemble a better man for the job from a multitude of parts, and Greg Burke truly is a “man of parts”, it pained me to see him in that role, in these years.

There is a story at National Catholic Register HERE and at La Stampa HERE.

Not only did Greg resign, but the deputy, Paloma García Ovejero also resigned. SURPISE! Hence, the Vatican one of the only women in a high profile spot.

Interesting, no?

An interim director has been appointed: Alessandro Gisotti who has been heading up the dicastery for Social Communications. By the way, just a little while ago, 18 Dec., Andrea “turncoat” Tornielli was appointed to that same dicastery to coordinate the editorial line of all of the Holy See’s media.

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  1. monstrance says:

    Mr. Burke is surely graced by God to have lasted this long.
    Then again, if your daily work becomes a penance, graces would flow.

  2. HighMass says:

    Well Francis and his hench men are at it again!

  3. maryelangdon says:

    A truly trad Catholic tagged him as ” a good guy and orthodox Catholic” when he took the job. So,, no wonder he’s out. The signs and sighs of the times are speaking more clearly daily.

  4. hwriggles4 says:

    Secular media sources are approaching this story as an overnight whimsical decision by both Burke and Garcia Ovejero. I am sure this decision by both of them was a long time coming.

    By the way, Mr. Burke used to sometimes have articles in the Columbia. Maybe now he will have more time for those.

  5. Rich Leonardi says:

    I’ve followed Mr. Burke since he wrote for Columbia magazine in the early part of the last decade, and I’ve known him to be a charitable, truthful, humble man of faith. His motives are his own, and I can’t imagine it sat well with him and his conscience to be put in a position to prevaricate for the Holy See. His soul is more important than any job.

  6. kurtmasur says:

    Regardless….this speaks volumes of the situation in the Holy See.

    Lord, have mercy on us, and please intervene in your Church……

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