“If only women were in leadership positions…”

Sometimes you hear the facile repeat: “If only women were in leadership positions, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen!”

Is that so?

Here’s a case to consider…

At Crux:

Church says nuns embezzled from school to cover Vegas trips

LOS ANGELES, California – Two nuns who worked for decades at a Catholic school in California embezzled a “substantial” amount of money from tuition and other funds and used it to pay for gambling trips to Las Vegas, church officials said Monday.

The embezzlement from Saint James Catholic School in Torrance appears to have gone on for as long as 10 years, Archdiocese of Los Angeles media relations director Adrian Alarcon said.

During that time Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper was the school’s principal and Sister Lana Chang taught eighth grade students. Both retired earlier this year. Neither has been charged with a crime.

The amount taken from tuition payments and other funds is still being tabulated, Alarcon said, adding she couldn’t confirm some reports that it was as much as $500,000.


These gals are exactly the new type of women religious, in habits and who pray, whom the Vatican seems intent to stamp out.  No no.  These are pants-suited LCWR types, St Joseph Sisters of Carondelet.  The CSJs in my native place are pure nuts.

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  1. Luminis says:

    Never trust a nun in a pants suit!!

  2. PetersBarque says:

    Not content with just slouching towards Gomorrah, these wayward bishops, priests, and nuns are leading the charge towards the pit of hell.

  3. TonyO says:

    There are plenty of women in positions of leadership in public schools, and yet those schools have as much or more cases of abuse and shenanigans. Except, of course, those schools also have vastly more student – on – student violence, rape, abuse, consensual sex, and so on, than Catholic schools run according to the standards that were in place 5 decades ago.

  4. Dismas says:

    “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”

    [Interesting. I just quoted that very line not a half hour ago when talking to someone about what’s going on these days.]


  5. Argument Clinician says:

    I saw this story on BBC yesterday. Their header photo was, at the time of reading, a stock photo of two fully-habited nuns. I wrote their complaints/comments department saying that the choice of a photo is an important part of the way the story is told, and showing two nuns in habit is a grave inaccuracy in this case. Of course, we know that the habit is “accidental” (strictly speaking) to the state of the religious, but it’s accidental in a way that correlates with a lot of things that give us a picture of the state of religious life. Showing nuns in habit as if they were the ones who had embezzled half-a-million dollars–let alone the abandonment of the spirit of consecrated life that gambling in Vegas implies–is simply inaccurate, especially when the actual culprits wear no habits at all.

    As of Wednesday morning, BBC had changed their cover photo to an image of a Las Vegas casino. Good on them for the change.

  6. JonPatrick says:

    They seem to forget there was only ever one Woman who was born without sin. Not that the concept of sin seems to exist for them, other than people who fail to recycle their trash.

  7. DonL says:

    Let’s face the hard facts. These wagering ladies were really gambling on where they’ll spend eternity. Deep faith in not getting caught is hardly Church teaching.

  8. Semper Gumby says:

    Back in the 1970s a Leftist nun spent most of her time writing and distributing unhinged screeds against men. When asked why she didn’t leave the Church she replied: Because the Church has Xerox machines.

    God bless holy nuns such as the Benedictines of Mary.

  9. scotus says:

    This story made the front page of a British newspaper. I can’t remember which one but it was a tabloid.

  10. We had a prominent member of that religious order in my area who was a big-time advocate for women priests, and specifically, for the view that it was wrong for the Church to deny her the priesthood. So far from being won over to that view, I gave thanks.

    Could be the nuns at issue here have not yet been charged because the authorities are still gathering evidence. It’s also possible that the statute of limitations has run on at least some of their bad acts.

  11. Charivari Rob says:

    Argument Clinician, thank you.

    After Father Z’s remark, I went back to look for the article I had originally seen. I can’t remember which site it was, but it had a photo of two women in black habit. All the sites I looked at this evening have similar “non-habit” head shots.

    Not that it means much to effect and cause, of course. I have known plenty of “plain clothes” sisters who are devout & holy, and other women swathed head to toe in habit, veil, scapular, wimple, etc… that couldn’t spell “charism” if you spotted them all seven tiles on a Scrabble rack.

  12. Charivari Rob says:

    …Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane being an entirely different category, of course.

  13. Southern Catholic says:

    They should be charged with crimes, the Church needs to stop allowing internal discipline.

    Also, who is paying back the money? This says the order(which is right), another article said the diocese is covering it(which is wrong in my opinion).

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