CQ CQ CQ Ham Radio Saturday: DXing and Vatican call sighting, and Vatican Radio LATIN news program

I have had some success making DX contacts recently.  Here’s a shot of my log from yesterday.

Sometimes when it is hard to copy the callsign letters, some hams will veer away from the standard NATO alphabet and use other words, even forming a catchy phrase.  I’ve been thinking about what I might use for W9FRZ.. the FRZ being the focus.

“Fast Running Zebra”
“Fiercely Religious Zealot”
“Foul Rotting Zombie”

all come to mind.

Maybe not so much that last one.

And yesterday, using a spotter, I spotted the Vatican callsign.  Someone activated the station, it seems, at the NAC.   HV4NAC the frequency was in the CW range.

I have been desirous of firing that station up myself for a special event when in Rome.  I’ll be in Rome, I think, for most of October.

Also, concerning the Vatican and radio, Vatican Radio will have a program in Latin each week: HERE  This starts TODAY, 8 June.   It will be broadcast and will be available via podcast.

It is, so far, on Channel 5 at 1030 UTC (0530 CDT)

Lastly, my usual information…

  • I’m calling CQ for a good graphic artist who might design an appropriate logo for ZedNet.  Maybe something with… lightning bolts against ones and zeros. I dunno.  I’m not creative that way.
  • Regarding ZedNet and DMR operation, I refer to you THIS.
  • I created a page for the List of YOUR callsigns.  HERE  Chime in or drop me a note if your call doesn’t appear in the list.

It would be great for more of you blog reading Catholic hams to get involved with ZedNet.


I searched on Vatican Radio and found the first installments in Latin.

And in Italian what they are doing…

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  1. Cycle 25 seems to be nibbling at the edges of starting up now, which is a good thing, considering that 24 was not as active as we would have liked.

    If folks are interested in more information about the BOM for hotspots (they really aren’t that expensive, considering; you can get into DMR, including a starter radio for less than $200 USD), I’m happy to help.

    But it’s great to see, from the usage on the Hoseline page for ZedNet that we’re beginning to see some activity from not only the US, but a PA1, W2, K3, WB-zed and others from time to time, as well as some activity via the link to Wires-X room 28598. Seeing an HV4 either as a prefix or / would be a nice thing.

  2. tzard says:

    “Fiery Roman Zamboni”

    [Good one. Any day we can work “zamboni” into a sentence is good day.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  3. brasscow says:

    Nice job working the DX!

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