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Quam terribilis est locus iste! Hic non est aliud nisi domus Dei, et porta caeli!

Holy Church has given two great gifts to all of humanity: art and saints. Both art and saints reflect God’s beauty and, therefore, call to each man to recognize also what is good and what is true. Art reflects God’s … Read More

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CHICAGO Fri 31 May – Procession with “Our Lady of the Broken” from @SJCantius

Are in or near Chicagoland? Check this out. On Friday, May 31st, thousands will pray and walk for peace in Chicago with a broken statue of the Virgin Mary. — St John Cantius (@SJCantius) May 13, 2019 Go … Read More

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Zersetzung and the Pontifical Shunning of Prof. John Rist

I noted at LifeSite something which is personally upsetting.   It concerns a friend and old prof of mine at the Augustinianum, the Patristic Institute, in Rome.   Prof. Rist taught at the Augustinianum for years.  He is a serious and well-known … Read More

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A warning from recent history about changes to the CDF and notes about authentic and deficient “evangelization”

A priest friend sent this around to a select group.  I think more people should know about it. As we read about the proposed Curial “reforms”  Ottaviani reminds us that the seeds for this were sown by Paul VI another … Read More

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ASK FATHER: “Priest screws around with order of Mass. Should I mind my own business?” @FatherZ rants, advises.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Our priest always reverses the order of the peace and the fraction. Specifically, he observes the following order: Our Father, embolism, doxology. Prayer for the peace of Christ. Fraction and commingling. Exchange of peace. Agnus Dei. … Read More

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DAY 1 – Novena of Prayer to the Holy Spirit – AUDIO

Let us, upon our knees, pray in a special way to God the Holy Spirit during this time between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost. This is one way to pray.  I invite the readership to join in. MANNER OF PRAYING THE … Read More

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FOLLOW UP – Travel Vestments for US Navy Chaplain

You will recall that a friend of mine’s airplane went into the river on landing at NAS JAX and he lost his vestments.  I started a fundraiser to have new vestments made at Gammarelli in Rome. Gammarelli sent photos of … Read More


WDTPRS: Ascension Thursday: That hope informs our trials

Tonight at 6:30 PM at St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff we will have a Solemn Mass for the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord… because it is Ascension THURSDAY… today. A priest friend wrote this morning: “Today we have … Read More

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Vigil of Ascension – old and new

Here is something I wrote a loooong time ago – 2006 – for an WDTPRS article in the print version of The Wanderer.  I had a column there for 11 years. …(I)n some places the Feast of the Ascension, which … Read More


Tuesday 28 May – Mass for Benefactors

I’ve been saying Masses for benefactors in Rome, with a couple of interruptions for other issues.   However, unless something super big pops up, I’ll say Mass for benefactors – those who regularly contribution donations by subscription or recently ad hoc, … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Difference between Pastor and Parochial Administrator

From a reader… QUAERITUR: With priest assignments currently being announced, I am curious about the difference between a Pastor and a Parochial Administrator. If a Pastor is reassigned to another parish as an Administrator, is that a lateral or a … Read More

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“Meanwhile, I received this lovely note from a reader…”

We know that, in a few years, the inexorable force of demographics will massively reduce the numbers of people in the pews, people who even lightly suggest that they are Catholic, the number of priests, the properties the Church holds… … Read More

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Rome Day 8-9: Cheese, Anniversary, and Black Vestments

Some shots from my anniversary day in Rome and today. First things first. CHEESE! I hadn’t bought cheese from this guy before, but I tried some and it was simply marvelous. And, of course, Holy Mass in the morning.   I … Read More

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A Must Read. Important post at the UK’s @CatholicHerald today.

There’s an important post at the UK’s Catholic Herald today.  It has to do with the HERE I’m always going on about how, for success, every initiative we undertake in the Church has to start in and go back to … Read More

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Rome Day 5-7: Caponata, Carbonara, and Che Guevara

I’m behind on my travelogue.  May I make this a quick one? An advantage to an apartment is that you can make breakfast when you want from leftovers. Out of order.. which drink is mine?   This is NOT breakfast. But … Read More

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Fr. Z’s 28th Anniversary of Ordination: St. Philip plays a prank.

“Well… I made it this far.” That’s what I say to myself when this date rolls around. Many priests observe the anniversary of their ordination at this time of year. It is a common time for ordinations, probably because Ember … Read More

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ASK FATHER: How to break the bondage of bad habits, vices?

From a priest: QUAERITUR: Father, you stated: “Create a vacuum and something else will rush in to fill it. Think of this in our human, lived experience. If you have a bad habit, you will more than likely never break … Read More

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10 Great Meals In Literature

A friend – quite the eclectic reader – sent an interesting piece from The Telegraph of a few years back. 10 Great Meals In Literature Wow.  Great idea.   How did the selector do?    Let’s see. 1) Mad Hatters Tea … Read More

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Francis: Church Must Learn to Abandon Old ‘Traditions’

Today is the Feast of St. Vincent of Lérins.  He bequeathed to the generations a few principles of identifying sound doctrine.  I wrote something at length about that HERE.   It might be a good idea to read that in tandem … Read More

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Editorial: Church leaders, to be “transparent”, are still abusers. Of priests.

What an easy way the forces of Hell have found to bring down good priests and bishops.  First, through agents and for decades undermine the Church’s identity through dreadful preaching and worse liturgy.  Then, as society swirls on its parallel … Read More

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