June and Martin, SJ

Why is Jesuit homosexualist Father James Martin’s obsessive focus so troubling?  Here’s an example.

No mention of June as the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart. Rather, his focus for June is on “pride” in sodomy.

To his credit, he did tweet out thanks to Our Lady of Lourdes the other day after a successful “minor surgery”.  I’m sure we wish him a good recovery.     Maybe he just hasn’t gotten around to Jesus’ Sacred Heart yet and its on his list of things to do next.  There have been times when I have not posted about a specific feast or event that I could have and maybe should have.   I get that.

However, Catholics know that certain months are dedicated to certain things.   This is how we roll, right?

January – The Holy Name and Childhood of Jesus
February – The Holy Family
March – St. Joseph
April – The Blessed Sacrament
May – Mary
June – Sacred Heart of Jesus
July – The Precious Blood
August – Immaculate Heart of Mary
September – Seven Sorrows of Mary
October – The Holy Rosary and also the Holy Angels
November – Poor Souls in Purgatory
December – The Immaculate Conception

June… same sex attraction?   What world view does this come from?   I will grant that we don’t always post everything that we could post.  Things slip through the cracks, especially when we are busy.

However, if you are going go out of your way very publicly to put your focus on a special month dedicated to recognition of something and, as a Catholic priest and a Jesuityou stress sodomy before the Sacred Heart….   Really?  I don’t get that.

Did I miss his tweet about the Sacred Heart and June?  I looked for it.  Maybe I was banned that day from his feed.

Another point.

No one denies that people with same-sex attraction are made in God’s image and likeness and that they have contributions to make in every sphere of life.   What is disturbing about Martin’s messages is his consistent avoidance of answering the basic question that comes to mind when he tweets and talks like this.  Namely: “Do you mean that the gifts and contributions people homosexual people bring to the Church flow from their humanity or from their homosexuality?”

A homosexual orientation or attraction is not properly ordered according to nature.  Hence, even though God made everyone who has such attractions, he did not make them in order that they have those attractions.  The attractions are a defect.  Defects are permitted by God by they aren’t from God.  Defects can be the way that people come to great holiness, through overcoming them in a holy way.  People with this affliction can attain to amazing holiness of life and a magnificent reward in heaven.  However, Martin thinks that the defects are authored by God, from God, intended by and put into people by God.  That’s impossible, but that’s not the impression you get when you read what he writes.    That’s, I believe, a diabolical deception.

In any event June, dear readers, is the month dedicated especially to devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, after Whom a certain Society was named.

Battoni’s painting in great church of the Jesuits in Rome, the Gesù.

Let’s pray for Fr. Martin and all who have this affliction.  There’s a good prayer by – soon-to-be-canonized John Henry Newman whose motto on his coat-of arms was “Cor ad cor loquitur … Heart speaks unto heart”.  It would not be wrong to kneel to say this, even now:

O SACREDHeart of Jesus, I adore Thee in the oneness of the Personality of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. Whatever belongs to the Person of Jesus, belongs therefore to God, and is to be worshipped with that one and the same worship which we pay to Jesus. He did not take on Him His human nature, as something distinct and separate from Himself, but as simply, absolutely, eternally His, so as to be included by us in the very thought of Him. I worship Thee, O Heart of Jesus, as being Jesus Himself, as being that Eternal Word in human nature which He took wholly and lives in wholly, and therefore in Thee. Thou art the Heart of the Most High made man. In worshipping Thee, I worship my Incarnate God, Emmanuel. I worship Thee, as bearing a part in that Passion which is my life, for Thou didst burst and break, through agony, in the garden of Gethsemani, and Thy precious contents trickled out, through the veins and pores of the skin, upon the earth. And again, Thou hadst been drained all but dry upon the Cross; and then, after death, Thou wast pierced by the lance, and gavest out the small remains of that inestimable treasure, which is our redemption.

My God, my Saviour, I adore Thy Sacred Heart, for that heart is the seat and source of all Thy tenderest human affections for us sinners. It is the instrument and organ of Thy love. It did beat for us. It yearned over us. It ached for us, and for our salvation. It was on fire through zeal, that the glory of God might be manifested in and by us. It is the channel through which has come to us all Thy overflowing human affection, all Thy Divine Charity towards us. All Thy incomprehensible compassion for us, as God and Man, as our Creator and our Redeemer and Judge, has come to us, and comes, in one inseparably mingled stream, through that Sacred Heart. O most Sacred symbol and Sacrament of Love, divine and human, in its fullness, Thou didst save me by Thy divine strength, and Thy human affection, and then at length by that wonder-working blood, wherewith Thou didst overflow.

O most Sacred, most loving Heart of Jesus, Thou art concealed in the Holy Eucharist, and Thou beatest for us still. Now as then Thou savest, Desiderio desideravi — “With desire I have desired.” I worship Thee then with all my best love and awe, with my fervent affection, with my most subdued, most resolved will. O my God, when Thou dost condescend to suffer me to receive Thee, to eat and drink Thee, and Thou for a while takest up Thy abode within me, O make my heart beat with Thy Heart. Purify it of all that is earthly, all that is proud and sensual, all that is hard and cruel, of all perversity, of all disorder, of all deadness. So fill it with Thee, that neither the events of the day nor the circumstances of the time may have power to ruffle it, but that in Thy love and Thy fear it may have peace.

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    Father Jesse James Martin is using Twitter to troll for new dates…

  2. Felipe says:

    Thank you for sharing. That prayer hit a soft spot, I couldn’t get through the whole prayer without my eyes getting a little blurred.

  3. Diana says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful prayer. I love this month, specifically for our intention. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is so precious to me. I will be sure to add this intention to my daily prayers this month. May God bring all those whom He loves–and that’s all of us, right?!–closer to Him and away from sin.

  4. Kent Wendler says:

    (The following is something I posted in the Catholic Offline Forum and intend to submit to our local newspaper as a letter to the editor. It would be my response to Fr. Martin, SJ.)

    It seems to me that it is apparently mostly forgotten in the “Public Square” that sexuality only exists in the natural world for the propagation of each specie. Similarly, if human beings did not need it for that purpose it would never had existed; and, probably, neither would we.

    Thus we say that sexuality is ordered for the continuance of each kind of living thing – including us. Putting it to an unrelated use is therefore a disordered utilization.

    In some of the “lower orders” of living things, notably the mammals and possibly avians, this seems to have been facilitated by a perception of pleasure for the individual creatures performing the sexual act. Nevertheless, they do not have the capacity to understand this and do not have the free will to engage in it or not.

    Of all of the living creatures only humans do have this capacity. We understand that the sexual act provides physical pleasure. We should also understand that when it is open to new life it also helps bond the two complementary partners into a lifelong union which serves them and their progeny.

    When it is not open to new life then, as stated before, it is a disordered act and it is a deviation from the higher understanding of its purpose by humans and a yielding to baser, animal instincts.

  5. PostCatholic says:

    June as Pride Month comes from the commemoration of the Stonewall Riots in New York City on June 28, 1969. The event is generally regarded as the radix of the modern gay rights movement.

    Merely a statement of fact, because you asked about the worldview it comes from. I have no opinion on Rev. Martin.

  6. DebbieInCT says:

    thank you so much for this, Fr., your posts are a blessing for me. May blessings abound back to you this Sunday!!

  7. I wish someone could explain to Fr Martin how DISCOURAGING his words are to men like me who are struggling, fighting, fasting, praying, battling, stumbling, getting back into the confessional, running in the path of God’s commands again… and then this nonsense comes out. How happy my flesh would be to celebrate my vomit and return to it instead of embrace the cross and suffer with Jesus. This is truly, absolutely the voice of Satan encouraging people to celebrate mortal sin.

  8. JonathanTX says:

    Who exactly is James Martin, S.J.’s superior? And if that superior doesn’t take action, who is HIS superior, etc?

  9. Amerikaner says:

    Fr. Martin is not a prophet. We should pray for gay Fr Martin.

  10. iPadre says:

    Do you mean that some people were not created to be abortionists, or members of ISIS who behead other people (and throw people with Sam-sex attraction off buildings), or tyrants like Hitler? God loves them, and they have gifts, don’t they? So … you get my point.

  11. mepoindexter says:

    If reparation for offences committed against you O Lord, most Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us.

  12. Luminis says:

    Our priest came to our home yesterday and we Enthroned our home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We had a grand feast and our home is now consecrated to the Sacred Heart . It was a beautiful ceremony.
    We began the procession by singing Sweet Heart of Jesus.
    Our home belongs to Our Lord and King Jesus Christ!!
    Viva Cristo Rey!

  13. Kennedy says:

    Many thanks for posting this. I was very angry when I read the first part of the post about Fr. Martin, but the prayer of Blessed John Henry Newman brought some calmness. I’ve often asked myself about this mission to the LGBT(plus whatever other letters and symbols are in vogue these days) and wonder if they would dare have special Masses for the fornicators and adulterers. Then I remember that the One who the Society of Jesus is named after, did preach to the fornicators and adulterers and told them that their sins were forgiven but that they should not sin any more. Do the likes of Fr Martin SJ preach the message of repentance, or is just a message of God loves you so carry on as you are?

  14. JonPatrick says:

    I think one can make an analogy with eating. Our eating of food is primarily ordered toward nourishing the body without which we would die. However food and the eating of it can also be pleasurable either alone or especially as a social occasion with others. However if we were to eat only for the pleasure and neglect the nourishment aspect that would be disordered. In fact there are disorders such as binge eating which distort the very purpose of food.

    Tom of John of God, I feel for you, it must be very discouraging and I will include you in my prayers, that the Lord may strengthen your resolve and grant you the graces to be able to stay on the right path.

  15. Aquinas Gal says:

    Fr Martin uses the slogan “made that way.” He wants to say that God deliberately made some people homosexual. But that is not the case. St Thomas points out (Summa, I, q. 103, a. 7) that God does not do everything immediately in his governance. Instead, he works through intermediaries and thus allows creatures to have the capacity to be causes. Some people have same sex-attractions because something went wrong in the secondary causes.
    Recall the babies in the 1950s who were born without limbs because their mothers had been given the drug thalidomide. Did God deliberately make those children without limbs, or was it because the medical industry made a horrific mistake? The answer is obvious.
    Also, it’s hard to think that Fr Martin isn’t aware of the gross immorality and lewdness that is a staple of the “pride” parades. He wants to promote this? Again the answer should be obvious, and very troubling.

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