Your Good News

It has been some time since I’ve asked you what’s going on.  Do you have good news?

I can start out with a couple items of lighter fare.

I just learned of a Ham Radio net that operates on weekends in honor of St. Maximilian Kolbe, who was also an operator, SP3RN.  HERE  A priest here in Madison has a 1st class relic of St. Maximilian. Exceedingly rare.  I should borrow it and have it present perhaps for a special event.  That could be interesting.

Next, a priest friend sent this the other day.  It made me audibly laugh.

It’s that precise balance of grim and absurd.  Now… just try to resist it…

As far as good news is concerned, I received word that Gammarelli is shipping stuff on 12 June.  Alas, I’ll be on the road when it arrives.  The shipment should include the chasubles for the new “Morlino Set” (thanks especially to GG for the substantial donation) personalized with the coat-of-arms of yours truly and also Fr. Richard Heilman (who happens to be the priest with the relic of St. Maximilian).

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  1. GypsyMom says:

    Daughter #2 is getting married in a week and a half to a solid Catholic young man. The Mass and the music will be reverential and beautiful, in a beautiful cathedral. Many young children and toddlers, the next generation of faithful Catholics, will joyously be part of the celebration!

  2. Sieber says:

    The cartoon reminds me of a quote from Andrew Jackson. At the Battle of New Orleans the redcoats advanced in oncoming ranks across a flat field. Our side swept the field with musket fire. The Brits fell like leaves from a tree. That evening as the sun set, a truce was arranged. Immediately the fallen redcoats jumped up and ran for their lines. Jackson said he had had a premonition of resurrection day.

  3. William says:

    I have a feeling that the comic was made by a Yankees fan.

  4. iPadre says:

    When the devil swings his tail, it means God’s graces are being poured out in abundance.

    One of my Altar Servers has been accepted to Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, NE.

    My TLM continues to grow. We had a new record this past Sunday with 82 present. In 2016, we were in the 20’s.

  5. majuscule says:

    Noting on that our little church does not have a set of rose vestments, one of our newer parishioners said he would like to purchase a set for us. On the advice of our former parish priest he sent away to India. We just received it and it’s beautiful—rose with violet and gold accents, rich feeling material—plus it came with a maniple! Ours is an Ordinary Form parish but we have had EF Masses occasionally.

    In this day of polyester chasubles adorned with modernistic images I am so pleased that our benefactor chose such a beautiful set.

  6. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    My son is getting married to a fine young Catholic lady, and (unless something goes wrong) expects it to be a Solemn High Mass, on the Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul.

    I’ve mentioned before that I have a new bishop.

    7 new priests at Institute ordinations in Italy in July. I understand 4 of them are Americans.

    Middle son now a high school graduate.

  7. Patrick71 says:

    My little sister is expecting her fifth child.

    My dad is finally getting his hip replacement.

    Los Angeles is getting a third FSSP priest beginning this summer.

  8. lfandrew says:

    My local parish church in Southampton, UK will soon begin a second EF Mass weekly – we already have one each Thursday evening, and from the beginning of September, we will have one every Sunday morning as well.

  9. OrangeBlossom says:

    My fifth child, who is autistic, received her First Holy Communion on Friday at the evening First Friday Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Wish I could post a picture. She is ten and was so super excited. Father had quizzed her a week ago to determine if she was ready. He asked her what the Eucharist was and she replied, “The Lamb of God”. Father asked what that was and she replied, “Father, you should know. It’s Jesus!” I will admit that I was very nervous since textures bother her especially food textures. All week, I kept reminding her not to spit out Jesus. At first, she put her hand over her mouth, which is a sign that she’s not quite sure, but then she finished consuming, removed her hand, smiled, and said, “Now Jesus, enter my heart.”

  10. jaykay says:

    Just back from the Chartres Pilgrimage, which this year was the largest ever with 14,000 pilgrims. Our Chapter was also the largest ever, with 40 pilgrims, some older not doing the whole journey but we had on average 30 who walked it all. Inevitably some will fall out at various stages due to tiredness, blisters etc. etc. but join again as soon as they’re able. The logistics of the organisers enable this – they are terrific! And the weather was 80% good, against expectations. Deo optimo gratias.

  11. Had the privilege of attending a weekday Mass celebrated by iPadre this morning, and with any luck, will be singing Sweet Caroline in the mid-8th inning in Fenway tomorrow evening. Even with the uncertainty regarding my employment situation…one has to grab those moments of grace and joy that the Lord sends when He deems fit.

  12. I was officially accepted into nursing school (an LPN program). St. John of God, pray for us!

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