Fr. Murray makes a point – VIDEO

Raymond Arroyo had Prof. Royal and Fr. Murray on his EWTN show.

At this point, Fr. Murray makes a good point.  Believe me, good points are made through the whole video!  But start here.

Fr. Murray is simply the best MSM priest commentator. That has been the case for a while.

Meanwhile, former Fr. Jonathan Morris (Mister), is still showing up on FNC. Why?

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  1. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Indeed, the public worship of God in the Church has taught for nearly 50 years that casual, nothing special has happened attitude.

    What do you make of Fr. Murray’s comment, though, that he distributes Holy Communion to those who show no sign of reverence? Wouldn’t that be showing no sign of acknowledgement of whom one receives? At some point is it incumbent upon priests to deny Holy Communion to those who present themselves for a snack?

  2. Benedict Joseph says:

    Jonathan Morris needs to make a living, that is why he is still appearing on Fox. Surely he made some friends there and they are kind enough to find him a slot.
    It could not be a worse avenue for him to pursue.
    He needs to go to a quiet anonymous life without limelight and work things out. I cannot help but believe he is in the grip of a spectrum of seductions.

  3. JumpJet says:

    Good points, but when is the last time ANYONE heard preaching about NOT approaching the altar if not properly disposed? I can without Mr Royal on this show…he is the quintessential mush-mouth apologist for the hierarchy and always speaks out of both sides. Even Mr Arroyo correctly rejected his analysis. Bring on a “no nonsense” Catholic layman like Hilary White, Michael Matt or Louie Verrechio!

    The ratings would skyrocket.

  4. robtbrown says:

    I’m fine Chesterton’s cause won’t proceed. I think he would laugh at the idea. The whole point of GKC is, IMHO, that he was not a saint.

    That notwithstanding, it would be great to see a statue of a saint in a church holding a cigar in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other. With text at the base of the statue:


  5. tho says:

    Father Murray and Mr. Royal are beacons of light, as we trod our way through the dark tunnel of modernism.

  6. rally1042 says:

    Father Murray always buoys my spirit. His clarity with charity is so uplifting for my soul. His comments whether his essays on The Catholic Thing, or his appearances on EWTN never leave me wondering what he meant (plenty to consider and think about though). I am so thankful for priests like him, Father Rutler and Father Z. They remove the fog of confusion that hangs over so may of the current issues in our Catholic faith.

    I’m grateful for Raymond Arroyo also. He doesn’t duck issues in deference to the Hierarchy. Methinks he knows Mother Angelica is carefully listening.

  7. hwriggles4 says:

    About Jonathan Morris, I was shocked and saddened when he asked for laicization. Since I had not seen him on Fox and Friends (which I watch most mornings prior to work) for a few months, I was wondering if his contract was up or if his bishop had given him another assignment that gave him less time for media appearances. During Lent, Cardinal Dolan appeared frequently on Friday mornings, which got me wondering about Jonathan Morris.

    Anyhow, I did see Mr. Morris (I don’t know if he can go by Dr. – that would depend on his educational credentials) yesterday with Pastor Jeffries and another person discussing sanctuary issues. He was introduced as Jonathan Morris, a Fox News Contributor, and like Pastor Jeffries (I live in DFW, and Pastor Jeffries Baptist congregation is packed, and Jeffries doesn’t sugar coat) , Mr. Morris appeared in civvies. The conversation I felt anyway, was productive.

    I am wondering if Mr. Morris has some time left on his contract, and he does need to make a living. Last I heard he was staying with family members, and I did see the ten minute interview he did with Martha MacCallum. I remember he was incardinated into the Archdiocese of New York circa 2010, and I do know that the religious order he had previously belonged to had a shake up.

    I do keep Jonathan Morris in my prayer intentions. I am sure he is going through a difficult time.

  8. “Meanwhile, former Fr. Jonathan Morris (Mister), is still showing up on FNC. Why?”

    Because he can, because they want him, and because they don’t answer to Rome. Besides, he could probably use the job.

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