Instead of a syncretistic Synod (“walking together”) about the Amazon, here’s a better idea.

If the Instrumentum Laboris and the last two rigged goat rodeos are any indication, the Amazon Synod (“walking together”) is going to be a disaster.

Put that along side a milestone.  It has been a full year since Archbishop Viganò published his “testimony”.  He called for records to be opened and investigated.  Nothing has happened.  Shades of the Five Languishing Dubia.

Cunctando regitur mundus!

Frequent commentator and contributor here, Fr. Tim Ferguson, posted on Fakebook* this outstanding idea:

We should be having a synod digging through the investigations we were promised into McCarrick et al, rather than a synod based on that tragically heterodox “working document” that was released a few weeks ago.

Well done, Fr. Ferguson.



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  1. Amerikaner says:

    Good Catholic sites need to keep Vigano on the radar for readers. Otherwise he’ll continue to be swept aside. Keep his name out there and what he’s requested. Keep the pressure on.

  2. Mightnotbeachristiantou says:

    What fills me with the most anger is that Amazon has been burning for days now. Why has there not been a call to save it? Is there not a church in South America? Should not those Bishops be coordinating with Bishops around the world to infuse men, ideas, and money to this project? How can you have an Amazon synod if it is not there?

  3. wmeyer says:

    As to Fakebook, I cut that cord just in time for Lent. But permanently, not as a suspension.
    (Preview not working?)

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