Getting a boost. Thanks.

I am grateful today for a new monthly donor.  AO  UPDATE: Also,  MB, RS, QJ, JB, DH, ML, MM

Today is one of those lean days of the month, when not so many people have subscribed to a monthly donation. One reason why, perhaps, is because not all month’s have a 31st day. In the case of those that have only 30, I think the 31sters get bumped forward. I have to see what happens on 29 February, since it is a leap year!

The last year, 2019, was leaner than 2018, which is a problem.  Hence, having notifications about new subscribers is a morale boost when they come in.

I consider it a duty and an honor to pray for benefactors.  I remember you daily and I, regularly, say Mass for your intentions.  If there are notes with the donations, I also stop and pray for those intentions.

If the blog is useful to you, please consider signing up.

Some options

Thanks. And when shopping online, please use my Amazon link. HERE

Finally, for those of you who have qualifications, remember that I and others are trying to form a Catholic Signal Corps.

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